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Staff are strongly advised to directly contact BSP's Housing services Section (HRS/32) on 3373600/2145/2536 for the latest information on housing prior to their arrival.

Please be aware that the BSP policy concerning furniture has changed: BSP is no longer providing furnished housing. If you are allocated to a temporary accommodation, it will be furnished by BSP until your container arrives!

The Company provides appropiate housing for all expatriate staff and eligible BSP and BLNG staff.
The Company-owned houses and flats are located around Seria & Kuala Belait area, E1/F1 until H18 (see streetplan)
The houses offered are within 15 minutes safe drive from school, clubs, Health Centre and Head Office BSP. Some staff cycle to work, depending on the location, a journey of around 10 minutes.
Import duty for verhicles has recently been reduced, making the larger new and second-hand 4WD used for commuting, school runs and occasional off-road trekking very affordable by European standards. Gasoline and diesel are extremely cheap (€0.15 per litre for diesel)

The town of Seria is about 8km away and Kuala Belait, 10 km away from Panaga area.


Street plan

The street plans will give give you an idea about the layout between Kuala Belait W28 and Seria E23. The main area for Panaga housing is between F1/E1 and H18.

Street plan from Kuala Belait W28 until W18, includes hotels in KB  [click here]

Street plan Panaga E1/F1 until E8/F8, includes Panaga club and schools  [click here]

Street plan Panaga E9/H9 until E16/H16, includes BSP office, clinic and Lapanpuluh Apartments  [click here]

Street plan Seria E15/H15 until E23/H23  [click here]

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In view of current tight housing situation, the overall demand and supply profile and to enhance optimal housing allocation conditions that would support placement of beneficiaries into permanent accommodation, the housing guideline has been further revised.

Key guiding principles as approved by SLT are as follows:-

  1. No option or choice of house (type/or location)
  2. House allocation is based on date of arrival, family size (not on the age of the children) and where necessary, SG.
  3. The first house allocated is the “Permanent house"

Although it is not unusual for employees to be allocated to their permanent areas of residence shortly after arrival, period of stay at the transit accommodation may take up to 6 months or more.

The permanent housing allocation rules determined by date of arrival, family size in Brunei (Children must be resident in Brunei to be counted for housing allocation.) and where necessary SG is as follows.


New guidelines


Staff Category

Eligible Accommodation
 (Non-Specified Area)

Letter Category & SG 1

Dedicated House

Others: Accompanied with up to 3 children

-3 bedrooms with Amah Quarters

Others: Accompanied married
or unaccompanied

-a. 2 bedrooms with Amah Quarter                                   

-b. 3 bedrooms without Amah Quarters

Others: Accompanied with  4 children and above

-4 bedroom house


-Flats ( 2 bedrooms)
-Bachelor Semi Detached



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For information about HRS / Housing you can contact:
HRS/32    :Mrs. Jusnani HJ Jamaluddin tel : +673 337 3600 or,
HRS/321- :HJH Rosni HJ Suhaili tel: +673 337 2145
HRS/322  :Siti Rohaya Ha Rahman tel: +673 337 2536

There are several types of houses for families and for bachelors. All meet the standard requirements.
The internal area of the different house types varies considerably. Whilst the sea freight entitlement for all staff is up to 31 cubic metres, it may be difficult to accommodate this volume in houses/apartments allocated to couples and bachelors.

Please contact HRS Housing department  Jusnani.Jamaluddin@Shell.com if you like to know, which houses might be allocated to you.

Also within this area are the Panaga Club and Panaga school (main school, kindergarten, and crèche).
Most houses for married people have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living space (open plan dining and sitting area) and usually Amah (maid) quarters.  For families with four or more children, four bedroom accommodation will be provided depending on house availability.
Housing for singles is generally smaller.

Air Conditioning

All types of SG06> accommodation have air-conditioning units in the living room, dining room and the bedrooms. Stores/Amah are not air-conditioned.
Employees may install an air-conditioning unit in their Amah (domestic helper) quarter on personal account. A minimal amount of $ 28.00 per month will be deducted from employee's salary for electricity usage where an air-condition unit installed in the Amah quarter. This amount is in addition to the normal standard utilities charges deductable from employee's salary. A formal request has to be made prior to installation.

Below you can see some examples of the houses available for staff.


Family Location E/F Type 70, 265sq. m.  Family Location E/F Tulip House, 275sq m.
       [pictures and floorplan type 70]                 [pictures and floorplan type Situfoam]

                                                                         [pictures and floorplan type Tulip]


Family Location G4/G5 Canadian Cedar Bungalow, 240sq m.  Family Location E/F7 E/F8 Elevated Timber Bungalow, 200sq m.
[pictures and floorplan with quarters]         [pictures and floorplan 3 bedrooms]   

 [pictures and floorplan no quarters]               [pictures and floorplan 2 bedrooms]


Family Permanent Wooden Bungalow (PWB)  Family Location E/F bedroom House
[pictures and floorplan permanent concrete]  [pictures and floorplan J type 4 bedrooms]

[pictures and floorplan permanent timber]       [pictures and floorplan J Type 3 bedrooms]


Family Location G9 New Brick Bungalow Upgraded, 210sq m. Location E1 married flat, 140sq m
[pictures and floorplan G9]                        [pictures and floorplan flats E1]

Location F Bachelor Semi Detached Bungalow, 100sq m. Bachelor Location H7 Canadian Cedar Apartment, 130sq m
[pictures and floorplan bachelor semidet.]                [pictures and floorplan bachelor flats]



Gardens are not fenced but generally have trees/bushes/jungle marking the garden boundaries. Gardens are generally good sized, but the exact shape/size depends on actual house location.
Maintenance of the gardens is the responsibility of the house occupant. Part-time gardeners are available who will provide lawn mowers and basic gardening. The typical cost for this service is about B$50 per cutting.

 Tropical flowers, Plumbago Tropical flowers, Buttercup Tropical flowers, Orchids Tropical flower, Bougainvillea


View more houses in the gallery



 Beetle  Chikchak  Hornbill

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When you arrive you will be placed on the appropriate housing list for your circumstances and will be housed in a local hotel apartment Lapanpuluh,also called apartment 80, for the first week. If there is a house available you canme directly into your permanent house. Unfortunately, most of the time you will be moved from the hotel apartment into your temporary house, mostly located in H18.  These house are furnished, until your container arrives. You have to be aware that you might have to stay in your temporary house for a couple of months.





Hornbill Residental Apartments, front       Hornbill Residental Apartments, back  

Hornbill Residental Apartments, dining  Hornbill Residental Apartments, living  Hornbill Residental Apartments, bedroom

For more pictures of the Lapan-Puluh apartment view Gallery / housing-Hornbill apartments. The Lapanpuluh (before Hornbill) apartments are situated in F12, see street plan above.


When you arrive in the Lapanpuluh apartments you will receive some temporary loan items to use until you can use your own freight. [loan items per unit]

Because of the waiting list at this moment for housing in all categories , we have scouted the rented accommodation in KB with limited success.
Where new arrivals have managed to find suitable rented housing, the company will need to review the tenancy agreement before any decision is made especially on the monthly rental.
If they choose to stay in rented housing, this will be considered their permanent accommodation.

Updates on the situation are available from the Housing Service Companies HRS/32 Mrs Jusnani Hj Jamaluddin tel:+673 3373600 Jusnani.Jamaluddin@Shell.com





 Please be aware of the change of the BSP policy regarding furniture!



A standard set of basic furnishing (e.g. bed/mattress, dining table/chairs, lounge sets) is issued to all expatriate staff ON LOAN. A set of soft furnishing (e.g. bedding, kitchen utensils, curtains) is also provided on loan, pending arrival of personal effects.
They will be provided with curtains on temporary basis (3 months only)

You will need to provide your own soft furnishings, including cushion covers, curtains, carpets, mats additional lamps (standing) and lampshades (ceiling lamps are provided), blankets and linen, crockery, cutlery, glassware, electric iron, cooking utensils, pictures and ornaments, all of which are available locally. It is recommended that valuable pictures and books should not be brought, unless you intend keeping them in rooms which are air-conditioned all times.

  • Appendix :List of hard furniture   [furniture]

The kitchens have fitted cupboards, American style fridge, gas oven/hob (bring your own oven thermometer) and double sink and draining board. Beds are provided 1 double (1.8 m wide x 1.9m long, Malaysian Kingsize) 2 single beds (90 cm wide x 1.9m long) The matresses are firm, foam mattress.
Although the companies provide adequate hard furnishing, you may wish to consider creating a more homely atmosphere by bringing in your own set of hard furniture in your sea freight, provided your total sea freight stays within the limit.
Orthopaedic beds are not provided and staff wishing to import such a bed, may do so, again within their sea-freight entitlement.

White goods (washing machine, dryer and dishwasher) are not provided but can be bought locally. If you do not have a washing machine etc. that you want to send out, you can buy one here (there is a second hand market for these items). You then have the service and the spare parts here.
If you import  white goods remember it must be 13 amp and 220 volt., with a three pin British plug.   Whilst  waiting for yours to arrive there is a washing machine and dryer available at the Outpost office.
Curtain material can be bought locally and the shop will be able to make them up for you.

  • Please note however, that no responsibility or liability is taken for sale, extra sea freight or storage in case of re-assignment, which may be to an area where you are not allowed to take hard furniture.

Shell warehouse  Shell Warehouse

Loan items-Soft Furnishings

Housing Services Section (HRS/324)   will lend you ( max 3 months loan) a standard issue of linen, cutlery, crockery, glassware, kitchen utensils, curtains, cushion covers, bedside lamps, bath mats, etc. until your own personal effects arrive in the area.
Typical Household Loan Lists can be viewed in the "soft" furniture Appendix

  • Appendix :List of household items, soft furniture  [household]

To read FAQs about housing click here

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Property Contents Insurance


The Company does not accept responsibility for damage to or loss of fittings and fixtures which are not owned by the Company.
Employees are advised to take out their own inssurance cover for such items.


Internet Access


Brunei has Internet providers called Telbru (www.telbru.bn) and Simpur. Brunet also offers e-speed for continuous broadband Internet access.

Tel Bru telecom

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