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February 03, 2011


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Great read! Thank you for shedding light to this matter that the city has tried to brush under the carpet, so to speak. As a victim of police brutality, I feel like this is a far of this going on that doesn't get reported. Hopefully, taking this case to the national level will achieve some level of justice for the boy and his family.

Just think about all the cases of police brutality that never get picked up by the media. Internal affairs is only a force for good in the movies and tv shows. Otherwise, the blue code of silence rules.

Sounds like a case of "Kill the Messenger". The concern was that public view of this event would make it hard for the police to get a fair trial. Let's say there was a video showing a group of citizens mercilessly beating up a police officer. Would this video be withheld because it could prevent the citizens from getting a fair trial? I think not. Only when police and others given power over us are held accountable for their actions will people respect those figures of authority.

With more and more people carrying cameras, the boys in blue may want to rethink their approach. I would love for every move the police make to be recorded someday.

it's amazing he seems unfazed when he gets off the ground and is led to the police cruiser. i'm pretty sure i'd be wobbly and crying like a little girl. crazy video but not too surprising. what did henry chinaski say? "i don't hate cops, i just feel better when they're not around" but it's hard not to feel some hatred for these f*cking ar&eholes. let's hope now that this video is public knowledge that some for-real justice will be dealt to these cowards. stick them in 'd' block and just wait til the others find out who they are. sometimes jailhouse justice is righteous!

I am disturbed by the behavior of today's HPD. I recently moved back into the city and tonight walking in my neighborhood was spotted, shouted at and had a HPD vehicle accelerated as it drove up on me and screeched to a halt as the HPD officer shined a patrol car light in my face. All of this because I continued walking and didn't respond to his commands to “COME HERE!” The officer gruffly exited his vehicle and pushed my hands down against his car and screamed "I’M THE POLICE!" All the while I realized I was in my hometown, bothering no one, but a black man in the wrong place and hoping this would end well. The officer searched my pockets and laid the contents on his car hood and placed me in the back of his patrol car, he then searched my wallet and ran my license, after seeing I had no warrants let me go. I continued my walk and thought that never happened in the 15 years before when I lived in a predominantly Anglo city (where I relocated from).

While other may trust the police, and I know it is a difficult job. My experience tonight reinforced the belief that the police are not my friend and being a 6 ft tall, college educated, employed, black male professional, who has never been convicted of a crime, is not who they exist to "protect and serve". I am who they believe they must protect others from. So, in conclusion, I have never liked, trusted or had faith that the local city police, sheriff's, constables, state troopers or marshals are my friends, be they black, white, Asian or Hispanic nor do they have my best interest at heart, nor my personal safety. So, I won't say that the criminal justice system is selective, but it is. Nor, will I hope ill will to those members of law enforcement I mentioned, but I do. While necessary, I see the HPD as SCUM, DESERVING NEITHER MY ADMIRATION NOR RESPECT.

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