Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (My Way Into The Record Books)

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (My Way Into The Record Books)

Elizabeth “Kitty McScratchâ€? Bolinger has shimmied her way into the Guinness World Record Book (2012); this 24 year old from Iowa has now broken over 85 number one high scores in the Just Dance and Dance Central series. She was in the last instalment of the book for getting the top score in the world in Just Dance’s “Dareâ€? (by the Gorillaz) and evidently, the taste of fame was far too intoxicating to resist.

Apparently, she can even beat several of the songs blindfolded, which shows remarkable talent; I find it difficult to balance on one leg when blindfolded, so the thought of memorising and performing a complicated dance in that fashion actually amazes me more than perhaps the records do.

Elizabeth was quoted as saying “You really can make dreams happen, it’s just a matter of putting in the hard work and dedication�.

And bloody heck, what dedication. Quite apart from being the 18th century British Empire of dancing (yeah, Americans, I went there), she also helps run the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum in her home town. I guess what I’m saying is my New Year’s resolution may just be to emulate this woman.
(exits to the plaintive tune of “Bad Romance)


Scott Emslie

Contributor: Scott Emslie   Posted: Jan 13, 2012
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