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    North Korea tells rival SKorea and other nations not to expect any change, despite new leader

    PYONGYANG, North Korea - North Korea said Friday that rival South Korea and other nations should not expect any change from the country's new leadership.

    A day after North Korea ended official mourning for Kim Jong Il and declared his son Kim Jong Un supreme leader, the North's powerful National Defence Commission sent a tough message to leaders in Seoul and Washington.

    "We declare solemnly and confidently that the foolish politicians around the world, including the puppet group in South Korea, should not expect any change from us," the commission said in a statement.

    North Korea's power brokers on Thursday publicly declared Kim Jong Un the country's supreme leader for the first time at a massive public memorial for his father. The ceremony cemented the family's hold on power for another generation.

    The unequivocal public backing for Kim Jong Un provides a strong signal that government and military officials have unified around him in the wake of his father and longtime ruler Kim Jong Il's death Dec. 17.

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    • gordmack67  •  Toronto, Ontario  •  16 days ago
      It must absolutely suck to live in a country without even one decent barber....
    • Ricky b  •  Toronto, Ontario  •  16 days ago
      The first thing he needs to do is visit the Communist North Korea Official school of barbering and get himself a hair cut. Then a trip to the salon to loose about 30 lbs. That should then be followed by a trip to the North Korean Communist school of leadership to learn how to stand in front of a crowed WITHOUT looking like you have no confidence, and have absolutly no idea what the F*#$& is going on!
    • spacedave2000  •  New York, United States  •  16 days ago
      OOOH boy...South Park is gonna have a field day with this!!!!
    • i am  •  Courtenay, British Columbia  •  16 days ago
      china must be happy now having a fool as its neighbour
    • STEPHEN RANDALL  •  Kitchener, Ontario  •  16 days ago
      Another country not worth the land it's on.
    • Equalizer  •  16 days ago
      One dead Supreme Taco and one new supreme Fajita
    • Col.Aingus  •  15 days ago
      Let them starve.....only a fool would feed his enemies.
    • Acer  •  Vancouver, British Columbia  •  16 days ago
      Kim use the bathroom not your pants.
    • ♥Bettsy♥  •  16 days ago
      Supreme that the same thing as Grand Pooba???
    • Sailing C  •  15 days ago
      They are not crazy. The fat boy will die from overeating and oversex. We should expect his baby son will be declared the supreme leader.
    • Censored  •  Edmonton, Alberta  •  16 days ago
      I'm overjoyed for all North Koreans. It looks as if Kim Jong Un has every bit of his dad's good looks and fashion style to lead North Korea to a glorious mighty future.
    • Pure Canadian Jerry  •  Toronto, Ontario  •  16 days ago
      The son is 26 years old, and running a country ? All those people crying of dads death ? Or were they crying over the hair cuts their given ? OMG ? What next ? Let these people live their little dream life on their own side of the planet, U.S. Stay out of it ?
    • semajppat  •  New Tecumseth, Ontario  •  16 days ago
      "the Great Successor" will make no diffence to the hungry, deprived population. His perversion of power and money, while kidnapping teen girls like his father ,will never end.
    • jaypeacdn  •  Montreal, Quebec  •  16 days ago
      Another "supreme idiot".......
    • ST  •  15 days ago
      His first act as el supremo is to open a weight watchers franchise in n korea.
    • Derek  •  15 days ago
      Why the thumbs down? There must be a lot of NK agents on yahoo.
    • J  •  Vancouver, British Columbia  •  16 days ago
      I am feeling so sorry for the people in NK. They have zero say to choose what kind of "leader" they want /// No offense to North Koreans, the leader just looks like a stupid dumb porky
    • richard  •  Orangeville, Ontario  •  15 days ago
      Supreme leader of a nation stuck in the stone age. Good for him.
    • C  •  15 days ago
      aw, look at duh widdle chubby't he cute? aw, his chubby widdle cheeks...his tubby, don't you just wanna give him a big ol' huggy wuggy? aw, idn't dat cute? he has a nickname, too! supreme leader! aw, someday he may be able to pronounce those big words.just keep him away from the shiny red buttons, please. "no touch buttons tubby!"
    • ST  •  15 days ago
      He needs Dulcolax - 50 yrs of relief from intestinal irregularity & constipation
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