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Famous Russian women. Russian queens and political leader, Russian women-artists. Russian female poets and novelists. Russian movie starts. Russian ballerinas. Russian female athletes. Russian models. Russian women-mathematicians.

This page represents a gallery of eminent Russian women that have excelled in the fields of arts and literature, politics and governance, art and music science and athletics.

These women were blessed with a gift and talent as well as will and capacity to contribute to the development of Russian science and progress enrich Russian culture and change Russian history.

Famous Russian women left behind works of art, brilliant pieces of literature and poetry, remembrance of unforgettable stage characters and performances, unique discoveries, ideas and sports achievements. They pioneered in space and ruled the country, stunned the world with their beauty and became living saints.

Read biographies and inspiring stories of famous women of Russia

Governance, politics and social life

Russian women in politics, famous Russian female politicians

Olga, Ruler Of Russia from 954 to 969
Elena Glinskaya. Grand Princess consort of Moscow. Regent of Moscow (1533-38).
Sofia Alexeevna, Ruler Of Russia from 1682 to 1689
Catherine I, empress of Russia from 1725 to 1727
Anna Ioannovna (Anna I), Russian Tsarina from 1730 to 1740
Anna Leopoldovna, regent of Russia from November 1740 to November 1741
Elizabeth Petrovna, empress of Russia from 1741 to 1762
Catherine the Great, empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796
Alena Arzamasskaia Russian Jeanne d'Arc
Alexandra Kollontai, first female adbassador.
Irina Khakamada, most popular woman in Russian politics
Valentina Matviyenko, the highest-ranking female politician in Russia
Natalia Narochnitskaya, a politician, historian and diplomat
Mother Maria Skobtsova - a saint of our day
Countess Sofia Panina, a Deputy Minister of Welfare and Education in the Provisional Government
Ella Pamfilova, a Russian politician
Anna Chapman, Russia's sexiest spy


Alla Bayanova, The queen of Russian chanson
Nadezhda Obukhova, one of the best opera voices in history of Russia and the world
Galina Vishnevskaya , Russia greatest soprano
Anna Netrebko, a world-famous operatic Diva from Russia
Pelageya Khanova, one of the best voices of modern Russia
Zemfira, the hurricane of Russian rock
Lyudmila Zykina, A golden voice of Russia
Alla Pugacheva Russian national legend. A Woman Who Sings
Maiya Crystalinskaya The angel with sad eyes
Aida Vedishcheva - "Amazing Aida"
Aleksandra Pakhmutova, a Russian-Soviet composer that made the epoch

Movie stars

Lyubov Orlova , the first star of the Soviet cinema
Nonna Mordyukova, a Soviet movie star
Inna Churikova, a Soviet Russian film and theatre actress
Ludmila Savelyeva - Russian Audrey Hepburn
Natalya Bondarchuk, the precious gem of Andrei Tarkovsky
Chulpan Khamatova, a Russian film, theatre and TV actress
Vera Kholodnaya, the first star of Russian silent cinema
Faina Ranevskaya, a woman-legend
Elina Bystritskaya, a famous Soviet - Russian actress
Tamara Makarova, Russian Greta Garbo
Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko, a Soviet - Russian movie star
Vera Alentova, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Anna Samokhina, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Irina Alferova, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Liudmila Chursina, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Margarita Terekhova, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Natalya Andrejchenko, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Yelena Solovey, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Marina Neyolova, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Alisa Frejndlikh, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Olga Ostroumova, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Tatiana Doronina, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Tatiana Samoilova, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Elena Mayorova, a famous Soviet-Russian actress
Renata Litvinova, famous Russian actress, sript-writer and film director
Mariya Mironova, a famous Russian actress
Ekaterina Guseva, a famous Russian actress
Svetlana Khodchenkova, one of the most demanded young Russian actresses
Nadezhda Rumyantseva, a Russian comedienne and character actress in Soviet comedies
Svetlana Druzhinina - Russian actress, script writer and film director
Tatyana Lioznova - Famous Soviet film director
Larisa Shepitko, an icon of sixties and seventies Soviet cinema
Kira Muratova - most esoteric Russian film director


Anna Pavlova, great Russian dancer
Galina Ulanova, great Russian dancer
Ekaterina Maximova, great Russian dancer
Maya Plisetskaya, great Russian dancer
Nina Ananiashvili, great Russian dancer
"Red Giselle" - Olga Spessivtseva
Agrippina Vaganova, "Queen of variations"
Mathilde Kschessinska, first Russian prima ballerina assoluta


Zinaida Serebriakova, a famous Russian artist
Elisaveta Bem (Elisabeth Bohm), a Russian artist, famous post-card author
Vera Mukhina, a Russian/Soviet sculptor and decorative artist
Aleksandra Ekster, "the amazon of Avant Garde"
Natalia Goncharova, a famous Russian avant-garde artist


Anna Akhmatova, Poet and Prophet
Marina Tsvetaeva, One of the most original of the Russian 20th-century poets
Bella Akhmadulina, a famous Russian poet, translator, esseist
Larisa Rubalskaya, Poet, lyricist and translator
Nadezhda Teffi, a Russian humorist writer
Lyudmila Ulitskaya, modern Russian novelist and short-story writer
Maria Arbatova, modern Russian feminist writer
Helena Roerich, Russian spiritual pioneer
Princess Yekaterina Romanovna Vorontsova-Dashkova, writer, autobiographer, journalist, and public figure
Princess Zinaida Aleksandrovna Volkonskaya A writer, poet, singer, composer, salonist and a patroness of the arts of the 19th century
Nadezhda Andreyevna Durova, the first known female officer and writer


Valentina Tereshkova, first woman Cosmonaut
Svetlana Savitskaya - Second woman in space
Elena Kondakova, Russian Cosmonaut


Olga Korbut, Soviet gymnast
Ekaterina Gordeeva, "Inspiration on Ice"
Tatiana Tarasova, famous Russian figure skating coach
Tamara Moskvina, one of the most successful figure skating coaches
Anna Kournikova , a professional tennis player and model
Irina Rodnina, Ice Skating Legend
Elena Isinbaeva, a world sportswoman of 2009
Lidiya Skoblikova, the most successful Olympic speed skater
Maria Sharapova, a Russian tennis princess
Larissa Latynina, a record-breaking gymnast
Anastasia (Anastasiya) Pavlyuchenkova, Professional Tennis player,a highest-ranked teenager in the world
Elena Dementieva, one of the most respected and admired players in women's tennis
Vera Zvonareva, a Russian professional tennis player
Darya Klishina, a rising star of track events
Tatyana Lysenko, a hammer world record holder
Anna Chicherova, a world silver medallist in high jump
Maria Abakumova a World Champion in Women's Javelin
Alina Kabaeva, Russia's most successful rhythmic gymnast
Viktoria Komova, Russian gold-winning artistic gymnast, World Champion on Bars
Mariya Savinova, Russia's world champion 800 meter runner
Olga Kaniskina, three-time World Champion in speed Walk
Liliya Shobukhova, a Russian 3000, 5000 metres and marathon runner
Alexandra Kosteniuk, 2008 Women's World Chess champion
Svetlana Kapanina - best aerobatic pilot of all times.


Irina Bugrimova, the circus legend
Natalya Durova, Russian/Soviet circus star and animal trainer


A Russian Cinderella Natalia Vodianova
Anna Kournikova , a professional tennis player and model
Olga Kurylenko, a Ukrainian actress and model
Irina Shayk, one of the world's most famous models
Sasha Pivovarova, Russia's top models, the face of Prada.
Natasha Poly, Russian supermodel


Famous Russian female scientists
Sofia Kovalevskaya, great Russian mathematician
      more Great Russian women Mathematicians

Russian emigration

Marina Chaliapina, daughter of Feodor Chaliapin, "Miss Russia" of 1931, Italian movie actress and a see fleet officer
Anastasia Akleksandrovna Shirinskaya, the Russian legend of northern Africa
Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin's only daughter
Nadezhda Plevitskaya, "Kursk nightingale" of the White emigration
Princess Irina (Romanova) Yusupova
Vera Karalli (Koralli) the legend of Russian ballet
Anna Marly, Russian muse of French Resistance
Nina Berberova, one of the greatest Russian emigre writers
Ayn Rand, the idol of individuality

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