Days Of Our Nights


1. Dear Diary
2. Hello, Little One
3. The Old Fashioned Way
4. Four Thousand Ways
5. Seven Steps To Satan
6. Superfreaky Memories
7. Math Wiz
8. Words Without Wrinkles
9. The Rustler
10. U.S. Out Of My Pants!
11. The Slow Song
12. Sweet Child O'Mine


The epiphet "critically acclaimed" is regular bedfellows with the epitaph "sold bugger all records". Dean Wareham, Luna's creative force, has been knocking gently on the door to worldwide fame for over a decade now with downbeat, downright beautiful music.
This, Luna's fifth album, ia as poised, as polished, as just-so as previous efforts. It's mood is darker, harking back to Wareham's previous incarnation as one-third of cult American superheroes, Galaxie 500. It's mood is sombre, yet warmly embracing, and it's resolute; it's so complete that a cover of Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" fits perfectly and is made Luna's.

Following the improbable, yet pleasing, success of Mercury Rev last year, justice would be done if Luna were taken to the hearts of the public.

41/2 stars out of 5