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Growth 2011--Chery International Makes New Leap

Dec 30, 2011

The year 2011, which is drawing to an end, saw a bumper harvest for Chery’s overseas operations. According to statistics, in the first 11 months alone, Chery exported 149462 units in total, up 79.7% year on year, and is expected to export more than 160,000 units throughout the year, thus achieving record annual exports. Besides, Chery’s overseas operations are being deepened, intensified and normalized, and have gradually been brought in line with operating modes of multinational companies. Chery’s strategy of “going out” has been implemented comprehensively, and Chery’s globalization has entered a new historical stage.


In May 2011, Chery concluded an agreement of intent with the Second Industry Ministry of Burma (SIM) on building a KD plant with an annual production capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 vehicles. On July 19, 2011, the cornerstone laying ceremony of Chery Brazil Industrial Park was staged. With a total investment of 400 million U.S. dollars, after going into production in 2013, the plant will contribute an annual production capacity of 150,000 units and supply products to the entire South American auto market. On August 29, 2011, a grand commemorative ceremony was staged at Chery ZGT Plant in Aragua, Venezuela. The plant will first manufacture two hot sellers--A1 and A3 to create a new opportunity for the development of Venezuela’s auto industry. So far, Chery has established 16 overseas plants, of which 13 have gone into operation and three are in planning or under construction. This marks Chery has deepened globalization in the whole industry chain, and has output products and equipment, as well as technologies, brands and corporate culture to every corner of the world. Also, Chery has highly blended itself into local communities in respect of product performance and means of communication, highly meeting demands of local consumers.


In the context of rooted development, it is no surprise that Chery has been acknowledged by a growing number of overseas media outlets and consumers. In March 2011, Frontier Consulting, Indonesia, in association with Sheng Yi and Marketing, conducted a joint survey of consumers to evaluate all auto brands in Indonesia. As a result, Chery QQ stood out to claim the title of “Best Chinese Brand in 2010”. In April 2011, Chery showed up at Belgrade Auto Show as the only Chinese exhibitor, and carried off three awards--“Award for Market Performance”, “Marketing Award” and “Award for Booth Design”. In July 7, Carro, a famous Brazilian auto magazine, conducted a comprehensive test of ten hot-selling entry-level models in Brazil. As a result, Chery QQ topped the overall list. Remarkably, QQ ranked first in six categories--braking time, maintenance cost, warranty period, terminal price, comfort cost and safety cost.

Chery has not only been acknowledged by overseas media and consumers, but also gained strong support and high recognition from overseas governments. In March 2011, the first batch of a dozen A3 and Tiggo became a designated vehicle for Belgrade Police through bidding, marking Chery has become one of the governmental official vehicles of Eastern European countries and Chinese auto brands have entered the governmental official vehicle market in Eastern Europe. On November 13, as police cars donated by the Ministry of Commerce to Egypt, 400 Tiggo cars departed from Shanghai Port for Egypt. According to an official with the Egyptian Ministry of Commerce, the reason for choosing Tiggo as a police car is its outstanding quality and high adaptability.

The year 2011, which is about to wrap up, is a year of leap for Chery. Chery not only perfectly met the annual export target set early this year, but also implemented its overseas brand strategy of “Growth 2011”. Whether in export scale, product quality, market development or market image, Chery has made great strides. We have every reason to believe Chery will be more confident and steady on the way to a world-famous brand!

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