EA Reshuffles After $1 Billion In Digital Year

Posted January 13, 2012 by M.H. Williams

As we begin 2012, Electronic Arts is making some changes to upper management in response to a 2011 that brought in $1 billion in revenue for the company’s digital business.  EA will be folding EA Interactive (EAi), the publisher’s mobile and social division, into other divisions around the company.  EAi’s resources will be split amongst the divisions run by EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, COO Peter Moore, and CTO Rajat Taneja, and EVP of digital Kristian Segerstral.

This move follows the departure of EAi’s former boss Barry Cottle, who announced his new position at Zynga yesterday.

EA CEO John Riccitiello called the $1 billion in digital revenue “incredibly important milestone" for the company.  He previously forecasted that milestone back in June of 2011.

“We’ve been stepping down investment against our core packaged goods business, and stepping up investment against digital opportunity. This year we’re getting close to 50/50. Three years ago, we were closer to 90/10,” he said at the time.

“Virtually everything we’re doing now is against the digital opportunity. It’s where we see our growth. It’s where we see our margin expansion. It gets us that less seasonable, more ratable, and more profitable business.”

[Via Gamasutra]

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