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Seeking information online is heartbreaking. Typing "franck-hertz" in Google produces over 40000 hits. A random perusal shows that most of them are "lab-manuals" posted by teachers, presumably for their own students. Few if any of those are satisfactory.

For example, it is easy to check that – at least with mercury – the experiment works regardless of the sign of the potential between the accelerating grid and the anode. This was pointed out in the literature more than 20 years ago (see McMahon 1983 below) and clearly implies that the traditional explanation of the experiment is deeply flawed. Nevertheless I am not aware of any single case where the students are encouraged to actually verify the influence of the sign of the imposed grid-anode bias.

Evidently, the vast majority of physics instructors are either unaware of such problems or unwilling to question the prevalent explanation. A comprehensive revision of the textbook interpretation is obviously long overdue and the present site aims to help.

Fortunately, there is a way to obtain the "serious" references among fewer items of the usual “textbook” variety. Google Scholar produces significantly fewer hits which include several of the items listed below.



* Standard Franck-Hertz Experiment

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   * Extended Franck-Hertz Experiment

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Up-to-date literature on the Franck-Hertz experiment