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Fostering Open Source Development

BerliOS Developer is a free service to Open Source developers offering easy access to the best in CVS/SVN/Mercurial/GIT, mailing lists, bug tracking, message boards/forums, task management, site hosting, permanent file archival, full backups, and total web-based administration. [ more ]

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Latest News
SubString version 0.8 released
     andy74 - 2011-Dec-24 16:05   -   SubString
Version 0.8.2 of SubString, which is an extensive re-write of version 0.7 is now available for download. See release_notes.text for changes.

Due to the uncertainties surrounding the berliOS platform, the Project is also at home now at Both repositories are kept up to date for the time being.
Oolite v1.76 released
     another_cmdr - 2011-Dec-17 12:32   -   Oolite
Oolite version 1.76 has been released. This is the new stable version of the game, which will be replacing the now outdated v1.65. There has been a very substantial amount of changes in the game since v1.65, including but not limited to: shader support and updates to the graphics engine, the addition of a modern Javascript engine for scripting, a large number of bug fixes and an even larger number of new features, together with optimizations for improved performance and stability. We do hope that you will enjoy this Elite experience to its fullest potential and invite you to join us at for any feedback, questions and ideas for the future.
Mutabor is usable again (3.1.0beta0)
     keinstein - 2011-Dec-11 17:55   -   Mutabor
With the implementation of a new editor, all functions of Mutabor 3.0 should be availlable in 3.1. This is the time to change the status into beta. This means the software should be usable but might still contain some errors. The more people are using Mutabor, the more errors can be found and the faster the final release state can be reached.
RarFile 2.4
     mkz - 2011-Nov-21 00:01   -   RarFile
Minor fixes. Activated downloads in PYPI and git at github due to uncertainties around berlios.
Mercurial (HG) 2.0 is provided
     helix - 2011-Nov-14 17:39   -   BerliOS
Mercurial (HG) is a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

BerliOS upgrades Mercurial to Version 2.0.

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