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p2pnet: last post


The time has finally come for me to stop publishing p2pnet.  I’m calling it a day mainly because of continuing health problems, and because, quite frankly, I’ve had enough of tilting at windmills.

Under new ownership, p2pnet will concentrate primarily on the issues, policies and technology to do with, and surrounding, social networking and cloud computing.

But writing and advocacy are in my blood and I’ve launched a new blog centering on the way in which the advertising and entertainment industries are poisoning the minds of our children.

It’s something I’ve been interested in for quite a while and was the subject of a p2pnet segment called Kids and Kartels, from which I’ll be drawing, from time to time. I’ll also be writing and researching new articles, so if anyone has any ideas on the subject, please let me know.

So stay tuned for the changes coming to p2pnet, and check out my new blog.

You can contact me at p2p@shaw.ca

Cheers, and thanks for your interest over the years. It was a lot of fun, sometimes, but always educational.

(And keep it up, all you  Anons.)

Jon Newton


29 Responses to “p2pnet: last post”

  1. Adam Says:

    Thanks for all the great articles over the years Jon, i hope your health improves and that you have good luck in your future endeavors.

  2. Dorothy Says:

    Thank you for all the articles, and I look forward to the new blog (you are going to tell us how to find it, I hope?).

  3. Ray Beckerman Says:


    You are a genuine hero in my book. Standing up for the little guy, against the machine.

    Your courage and conviction and wisdom have guided, and given fortitude, to all of us.

    You are the kind of guy we would all want to have in our fox hole when the shooting starts.

    I look forward to meeting you in person one of these days, and giving you a big bear hug when I do.

    You are a man among men.

    Good luck in your new endeavors, and in your recovery.

    Your friend


  4. Logan Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jon, we’re gonna miss you at the helm. Here’s hoping your health improves and your future endeavors bring you much prosperity. I’ve only been a reader of P2Pnet.net for a short time compared to some of the group here, but I’ve enjoyed each article written and even the argumentative trolls, who can’t seem to come into the sunshine preferring to stay under their bridge in the darkness, that write to argue the slightest point with you.
    You’re gonna be missed by all of us who read and enjoy your writings.
    Merry Christmas
    Walter A. Reinhart aka Logan

  5. Rossana Says:

    Jon, you have given a truly immense contribution to the P2P community. Thank you so very much by all of us.
    Your blog is already in my bookmarks :)
    I really really hope your health improves quickly. Best wishes for everything.

  6. Peter Andreasen Says:

    Goodbye Jon.

    And thanks for all the fish!

    (people who read Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy will know what I mean)

  7. Reader's Write Says:

    You will be missed Jon. No one said it like you did. Plain. to the point. And with a sharp tongue.

    I just bookmarked your new site kidsandkartels.com

    Jon said:
    Under new ownership, p2pnet will concentrate primarily on the issues, policies and technology to do with, and surrounding, social networking and cloud computing.

    Will this be Canadian or American issues and policies (yes there is a difference) with the new owner?

    Anyhow… Bonne Chance!

  8. Reader's Write Says:

    Jon, it’s been a great ride.

    I’ve loved the articles over the years, ever since you came here. Maybe one of the biggest reasons I hung around besides the great material, was the ability to say what was on the mind without need to have to sign in, be data tallied, and net counted and totalled in every manner possible just to have that say. I guess it’s one of the prime reasons I’ll never sign up for some ’service’ such as Discus.

    I know that brought all sorts of headaches in dealing with spammers but the freedom to say what was on the mind was very welcome. Maybe because of your stance on that ability to be anonymous and comment was one of the reasons I stayed after following you here.

    You’re having a hard time I know dealing with lack of income, health, and family. I wish you, Liz, and Emma, all the best, especially since this is the time of holiday cheer. Sure gonna miss all the food for thought you have given me here.

    All the best my friend. I hope to read another article with your John Hancock on it sometime in the future.

    So it’s not goodbye but rather aloha.

  9. Jon Says:

    Thanks, mate : )

  10. Jon Says:

    Hi Dorothy: there’s a link to in my farewell post.But here it is again (http://www.kidsandkartels.com/)

    Cheers, all the best, And may your garden bloom beyond all expectations. :)

  11. IT Guy Says:

    Thanks for everything, Jon. There will have been a lot of intangible benefits that you’ve given to the world. Who knows, perhaps if you hadn’t been doing this, corrupt laws like SOPA would have been enacted years ago. You’re the classic unsung hero. :)

    What’s the url for your new blog?

    And finally, I hope your health improves, along with the financial wellbeing for your whole family.

  12. Russell McOrmond Says:

    Thanks for all your great work, and best wishes — seasonal, new year, and new stage in life….

  13. k Says:

    Hi Jon, I just want to say thank you for the past six (or is it 7?) years of exceptional writing. p2pnet has been an indispensable resource to me, and your contributions cannot be understated. Whilst I am glad the site will continue on (and yourself as a writer, also), there is no doubt in my mind that this is “an end of era”. Good luck with whatever you do in the future, and I look forward to reading whatever you write. Thanks again.

  14. Jon Says:

    Almost 10 years:)

  15. IT Guy Says:

    Regardles of how p2pnet is run under the new ownership, I think all your past articles and their comments should be kept in an easily accessible archive. Such great work should never be allowed to disappear.

  16. Reader's Write Says:

    It will indeed be sad to see this all end, so much has happened here in the last decade. so long, so long. :(

    Just one question: If p2pnet gets “rebooted” – will an archive of the old articles remain online anywhere?
    (and archive.org doesn’t count since a future robots.txt file can wipe out everything)

  17. Mike H Says:

    Thank you Jon. Your site has been a favourite of mine for years.

    I hope that your health improves and that you find success going forward.

    Good luck!

  18. Quartz Says:

    Without exception Jon you have been the voice of many who witness the oppressive nature of some organisations but had no effective means to have their say or voice their disgust, you changed the arena by providing a highly visible free access platform for all to speak up for both themselves and those suffering under the weight of lies, propaganda and outright corruption displayed by large corporations and govts many times on your pages, a grand feat given the associated legal risks you faced head on.

    You’ve done a truly outstanding job, always be proud you where the man who wanted to make a difference and did.

    Seasons greetings to yourself and your family Jon.

  19. Jack Kapica Says:

    You have been fighting the Good Fight for a long time, and can now go out with your head held high. You have done more for the Net than most of us can possibly say for ourselves. Your battles have helped define the monstrosity of the opposition — some of the largest corporations in the world, and their very expensive lawyers — in a fight the likes of which we’ve never seen. I admire you. Thanks for everything, and I hope your health improves. Have a great Christmas and relax — you’ve earned the right to give your keyboard a rest.

  20. Reader's Write Says:

    There is less than five sites I am visiting daily. P2Pnet.net is one of them thank to you Jon.

    Thank you very much for a job well done! And congratulation!

  21. Eric Says:

    Thanks once again for your efforts. Assuming this is really the end, your news articles will be missed.

  22. Rafael Venegas Says:

    While real music and musicians have still a long way to go to get the lost respectability back, from the hijacking publishers and record companies, your contribution towards the end is important. While your medical situation is regrettable, hang in there. There are so many revolutionary advances occurring in the field of medicine that soon almost all serious illnesses will have a cure or treatment.
    Thank you for your important contribution and and best wishes to you and your family.

    Rafael Venegas
    aka Songwriter

  23. Reader's Write Says:

    Jack Kapica!

    That is the man from the Globe and mail who first stated he had it on authority that Bell was going to throttle people a full year before it actually happened.

    In Bell Canada’s own forum (when it existed) they said Jack Kapica was full of beans.

    2 years after when the CRTC was involved, Bell stated they only used DPI to count B/W in order to charge people and found out that it could do more by accident.

    Obviously this was a lie since Jack Kapica stated this was going to happen 2 years before they did it or even launched their DPI.

    Then Jon Newton was the first to write about the scam after they did it.

    Jack Kapica, Kudos to you!

    It’s due to people like you and Jon who report these issues that show how these mega-corps lie to the people and to the gov. As if the gov doesn’t know….


  24. Reader's Write Says:

    Jon Newton made it in the Toronto Star edition of the “2011 A to Z in Canadian Tech Law”


    J is for Jon Newton, whose case on liability for hyperlinking led to a landmark Supreme Court of Canada decision against creating such liability.

  25. devious_204 Says:

    Thanks for all the years of articles Jon, My best to you and your family thru the holidays and hope santa brings you some better health! :)

  26. Drake Says:

    You’re not allowed to stop running this Website until both the RIAA and the MPAA disband completely. That’s the deal. ;)

    Thanks for publishing my articles and encouraging me to write… I was going to say a few years ago, but it’s been more than a few. Time flies. I still remember how much flack you got after publishing my spoof Peer Impact interview. Good times.

    I hope your health improves. Your articles, insight and commentary will be missed.

  27. RK Says:

    You are a Good Friend, Thanks Randy

  28. Reader's Write Says:

    Thanks for all the good work you’ve put in. Cheers and take care :)

  29. are Zynga and Fa$book’s YoVille poison for kids | Marketing to youngsters Says:

    [...] the Kids and Kartels section of my former blog, p2pnet.net I wrote about the way in which the advertising and entertainment industries, in particular,  [...]

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