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Get a Monitored Home Alarm and Keep Your Home Safe

Your loved ones are your most prized possession, and keeping them safe is worth any price. For the ultimate in home security, help protect your family with a monitored home alarm system by inquiring about a home security system from Houston (home security Houston) to any other city like San francisco in the United States. ADT uses the latest CellGuard technology to secure your home without the need for a landline telephone. It's an easy, cost-effective way to give your family the security it deserves. Combining a state-of-the-art network of command centers with the latest technology in security equipment, an ADT home alarm gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is shielded from harm.

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring: A network of eight interconnected command centers maintains a 24-hour watch over your home. Highly trained professionals monitor your home to ensure your family's safety.
  • Fast Home Alarm Response: Within moments of receiving a signal from your system, security technicians alert the appropriate local authorities so they can respond accordingly. In an emergency, seconds count. ADT monitored home alarm systems deliver the rapid service that saves lives.
  • Next-Generation Technology: Control your entire security system from your cell phone with ADT Pulse. The latest advance in home security, ADT Pulse gives you the power to arm and disarm your security system from almost anywhere.
  • Simple and Easy Alarm Control: Your home alarm system is designed for ease of use. Standard installation includes a digital keypad that instantly connects you with professionals at the command center. For daily, non-emergency use, a simple keychain remote both arms and disarms the home alarm system.
  • Low-Cost Security Solution: A monitored alarm system can fit into any household budget, thanks to affordable monthly rates.

Choose a Monitored Alarm System for your Home

  • Protection Across the Board: Shield your family on multiple levels. Along with standard 24-hour home alarm burglary monitoring, you'll have the option to add fire/smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems.
  • Setting the Standard for Home Security: For almost 150 years, ADT home alarms have helped protect families just like yours. With over six million customers throughout North America, ADT stands at the forefront of the Home Security industry.
  • State-of-the-Art Technologies Keep You Safe: Utilizing the latest breakthroughs in home security technology, ADT maintains a system of eight interconnected monitoring center across the United States. In the event of a break-in, both you and the police will be notified immediately.
  • Simplicity: Your home alarm system is worthless if it's too complicated to operate. ADT home alarms require one touch; so simple your children will be able to arm and disarm them.

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