Saturday, March 08, 2008

Actually it comes from the game of Hearts.
This is done before bidding, of course.
Hand 1, pass 3 cards to the left.
Hand 2, pass 3 cards to the right.
Hand 3, pass 3 cards across (to your partner)
Hand 4, Hold em.

Start all over again.

If you have a strong hand, pass low
If you have a weak hand, pas high so you can bid nil

Try to pass a high spade to your opponent to discourage them from bidding nil.

When passing to partner, based on your hand, pass to complement one another.

If you are weak, assume partner is strong so pass high cards. Hopefully they will do the reverse. Doesn’t always work.


I published this as a post, as Jim didn't send it to my Blogger account. Thanks for the info, Jim..I'll have to try this. Let me know if any of you have tried it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another thing I enjoy doing when I can't play cards is Crossword puzzles. Where I work we have some "down" time where we can all just sit, relax and compete at crosswords. I've recently came across a site that I absolutely love. I go to this site and print the crosswords for the month and all of us work together on solving them. The site is called, I've added it to my links so check it out. Its very printer friendly (which is half the reason I like it so much) You can also print the answers if you feel the need to "cheat" a bit! lol

Friday, February 08, 2008

Games, games and more games....everybody loves games!

Well, we're approaching Spring up here and my BF is getting excited about his upcoming golf trip. He plays golf, I play cards. I'm adding his golf blog to my site so any of you who might also love the game of golf can check it out. You can find it under the "Links" tab or you can just CLICK HERE

Ok...enough with golf, how bout some card games?? Haven't played a lot of spades lately but I did sit down with a friend the other day and played a game of Crazy Eights. Pretty sure shes trying to pull the wool over my eyes with this game because I really don't remember it being Uno! She claims throwing the Jack of Spades means the other player has to draw four also says the Ace skips the other person and the Two is draw two. Please tell me this isn't acceptable behavior for Crazy Eights, cuz she kicks my ass every time we play!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi there,
Wondering if you have ever heard of a variation of Spades called “Kentucky Swindler” ? I played in the ‘70’s with friends, none of whom can now remember how, except that Spades was the root game.
There was a wild card called the “Swindler”. It must have swindled you out of a trick by trumping your trump ? Anyway, was excited to read about you and your blog. If I’m lucky, maybe one of your readers was an old Swindler mate of mine and can refresh my memory.
Thank you again,

Hello Paul

No, I've never heard of the Kentucky Swindler variation and I have a very long list of them. Gotta tell ya, I haven't played a whole lot of spades lately, kinda got out of the game but I will post your request on my blog, hopefully somebody will know of it and post an answer for you.
Thank you for your email.

Best Regards,

My bad, I've crossed over to the darkside and now I'm completely addicted to Texas Hold Em :-) If anyone can answer this gentleman, it would be greatly on, card fans!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


This game starts off a little confusing but once you get the hang of it, it is a lot like Suicide.

The person with the ace of spades bids regular spades (not the spades in your hand, but the amount you think you can take) and also tells his/her partner to go nil. The partner goes nil and then chooses a player from the opposite team to go nil also. The player left bids regular spades. So there is a player from each team that is bidding nil and there is a player from each team that is bidding regular spades. No double nils are allowed in this game.

Like I said, this game is a little confusing in the beginning but it is a lot of fun. The person who has the ace of spades needs to speak up right after the deal and tell their partner to go nil so that the bidding can start, otherwise everyone just sits there waiting for directions on how to bid.

The strategies are alot like those of suicide, try to make your nil, if you can't then try to set the other team. Good luck playing! And like always, send me any tips or strategies you have! Happy gaming! :-)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This was an interesting one! I had a hard time explaining to the others how to play, but once that was accomplished it really turned out to be a fun game!

Everyone bids like regular spades (you don't bid all your spades, just bid like you are playing the regular game of spades) then you have to play your lowest to highest card in each suit. It doesn't matter what suit leads (except spades of course) and if you don't have a card in the suit that is thrown, you can either spade it with your lowest spade or you can throw off with any other lowest card in another suit.
This makes nilling very challenging but I tried it last night just to see what happened. Well, what happened was I went set! lol But after talking about it with the people I was playing with, the reason why was because my partner was not watching that I was throwing off diamonds and she lead with one. Remember you are throwing lowest to highest cards and I had been throwing off my diamonds and the only card I had left in that suit was the ace, so I took the trick. So I really think a nil is possible, your partner just needs to pay very close attention to what you are throwing off.
Very fun and interesting game, I plan to play it some more and figure out some other strategies.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


We played this game tonight and it is a lot of fun! Simple rules: Each team's total bid must equal 7.

So if I bid 3, my partner has to bid 4 so that it equals 7. If my partner bids 2, then I have to bid 5 so that the bid equals on. The total bid will be 14, which means one team will go set each hand. You would think this would be a quick game, but its not. We played 5 hands tonight and the score was 1-3! So it isn't posted in the rules to have a hand limit, but I hightly recommend it!

The strategies for this game are pretty simple: first of all, you want to take as many tricks as you can so you are not the team to go set. Secondly, if you are bidding before your partner, try to bid as many tricks as you think you can take and if your bidding low, remember that your partner has to make up the 7 bid so try and help him/her out.

You can bid nil or double nil if you are the first partner to bid. Remember the total bid between both partners has to be 7 so if your partner bids 3 you cannot bid nil, but if you bid first and think you will not take any then you can bid nil BUT then you are setting your partner up to make a 7 bid.

After playing this for a while tonight I finally bid nil when I was the first to bid. My partner had to bid 7 and she made it because the other team had to bid 7 also so they were all trying really hard not to go set.

This game is a lot of fun and how the cards fall really has a lot to do with it. Good luck playing and let me know if you have anymore strategies to this game!