Proud Sylvia Blyden relishes Best Print Media Award

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Sylvia Blyden entered the New Year in style .  Her newspaper , the hottest selling  news organ  in Sierra Leone today , AWARENESS TIMES, was voted the best Media House in the country at the recently- concluded All Works Of Life ( AWOL)  Awards Night at the Family Kingdom, Freetown on 30th December, 2011. How proud was Blyden to have swept the boards  !


In response to the many messages of congratulations she received on her FACEBOOK Page,  Dr. Sylvia Blyden wrote : “I  am honestly so humbled and appreciative of all the warm congratulations I have received both on and off Facebook following the win by my newspaper of the AWOL Golden Jubilee Award for best newspaper in Sierra Leone! Thanks to all my great Facebook Friends for your wonderful sentiments on this win by us of the AWOL Jubilee Golden Award for best newspaper in Sierra Leone. There are so many of you out there who have never met me but who have so much confidence in me and who show me so much love and admiration all the time. ”

Expressing her delight at winning the award, this was what Sylvia Blyden told her FACEBOOK  fans : “I was given the award by no less a person than the Honourable Minister of Information I.B. Kargbo. My visiting mum and sister-in-law Elsa and Aunty Isa were all… present in the Hall. The roar of approval in the Family Kingdom Hall when the winner was announced to be Awareness Times spoke volumes of the support and respect which our newspaper carries in Sierra Leone today. I have received handshakes and warm hugs from all over. As President Koroma was leaving the Hall, he paused by my seat to shake my hand warmly and give me a loud and hearty congratulations to the hearing of all around me. I felt so proud that despite being on record as his fiercest critic over the past 4 years, he paused to publicly acknowledge and congratulate me! ”

“It reminds me of the day Pa Kabbah awarded me to be the youngest ever Sierra Leonean to be Nationally Honoured with Officer of the Order of the Rokel back in 2007. President Koroma, who was then the Opposition Leader, was one of the very first persons to congratulate me back then. Ernest Koroma has a good heart. Anyway, immediately behind Mr. President was the Hon. Vice President who refused to give me a handshake when I put my hadn out expecting him to follow suite of his boss. Instead, the VP preferred to break protocol and instead gave me a warm bear’s hug of congratulations. This is the very first time I am setting eyes on the VP since Independence celebs back in April this year!! All the makers of allegations of VP or APC paying me should take note of this salient fact I just stated. ”

President Koroma ‘s response to Sylvia Blyden’s victory once again demonstrated the undisputable fact that he is the most democratic Head of State our nation has ever known. President Koroma has no inclination to harbor grudge or misgivings against media men and women because he believes in Freedom of the press and the fine traditions of multi-party democracy.

COCORIOKO takes this opportunity to congratulate Sylvia Blyden on her resounding victory. When a journalist wins an award, it is really a monumental victory because  it sends a clear message to the whole world that his/her efforts are well appreciated . CONGRATS, CONGRATS.



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2 Responses to Proud Sylvia Blyden relishes Best Print Media Award

  1. Thanks to Sylvia BLYDEN good job am proud of you and you deserve this award God bless you.But one thing i have to say to you is what all media reporter in Sierra Leone should say thanks to Mr Sorious Samura for what he did.wihtout him who els can do that.S Samora is a international media man for him to the country to digging stuff that you guys dont know about or you guys know about it and just decided to step on it. please you guys make sure to do your jod good thanks

    Bubakarr fofanah
    January 6, 2012 at 10:36 am

  2. Sylvia, you deserve the covetious award because of your objective analysis of facts and not story- telling. Keep it up to better Sierra Leone your home country and for us all. The President needs people like you to develop our country. Bravo beautiful Sylvia. I love u. need I say more.

    January 6, 2012 at 1:30 pm

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