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Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures

What you need to know before using a marriage agency

Here are some of the internet dating scam schemes you might come across. Hopefully, this information will help you avoid financial losses and heart-breaking experience when yours start dating online

When the marriage agencies offer you paid mail forwarding and translation service, it is worth keeping in mind that the following scenarios can take place:

  • Photo scams means that the photos you see posted on the marriage agency website are false profiles. The photos can be simply stolen from other marriage agents' websites or the whole photography packages can be purchased from the photographers or used without permission after photo sets. They can be pictures a modeling agency makes. Whatever the source is the scam begins when the marriage agent corresponds with you instead of the woman in the photo.

  • Marriage agencies staff do write letters instead of women-clients. In some cases women do not know of this, but sometimes may even agree and let the agency communicate freely on their behalf in order not to waste time or efforts. There is no use writing and paying for such correspondence as it is first of all expensive and second of all will not let you know of the woman and make the first step to real relationship as supposed.

  • If the marriage agent does not provide you woman’s personal contact information, if letters from different women contain the same repetitive phrases and expressions, if most popular, very young and attractive women don't refuse your letters, if the letters have little factual information of a woman and her life events, but are full of compliments and premature confessions, these all are the reasons to become suspicious and question the work of the marriage agent.

It quite often happens that marriage agencies offering addresses sales do not have constant personal contact with the women-clients and do not update their data base, keeping outdate profiles with inaccurate info. Some marriage agencies buy or borrow profiles from the third party or a different marriage agency. The credit card fraud is often the case when such purchase takes place. This results in a very limited possibility of finding a real bride using the service of such marriage agents.

Russian Girls Pictures album:
Russian women pictures

Major marriage agents accepting women profiles online through the web forms posted on their site and not performing a further check up of the collected data will be of little help to a man searching a real bride. A professional scammer having registered on the website independently would communicate more regularly and actively then an occasional user. If the marriage agent welcomes free registration for women and has no consistent anti-scam strategy, the chances to get a letter from a scammer are very high. Professional scammer is quite hard to detect and even if you stay wise and not sent money, you risk loosing time and getting a heart-breaking experience.

Private live video chats with potential brides provided by some marriage agents may falsely convince you of the reliability of the service. The red fags here are abundance of young and beautiful women regularly coming to the marriage agency office to chat with men-clients that order the service for minutely payment. You should become suspicious seeing quite many women with plenty of free time to chat with you. Stop wasting money once you have not gotten real contacts of women and seen no intention to meet personally. It is probable that women are paid for the job they do and not eager to find a partner abroad.

It is true that a marriage agency can hire a 'bride' to correspond with a man or even come for arranged meetings. Criminal groups that lure and rip off foreigners pretending to be marriage agents are the most dangerous among scammers. Therefore planning a tour, it is worth collecting maximum data about the marriage agency and choosing reputable brokers that have long and successful experience on the international dating market. Going on a visit to meet a bride it is necessary to have personal address of the woman you are meeting, addresses and telephone numbers of hotels and alternative dating services, copies of your documents and several payment options. Group tours have gained ambiguous reputation and are certainly not the best way to meet your partner. Marriage–minded women are not likely to participate in groups socials, as many find this way of dating humiliating.

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The purpose of this information is not to discourage but to educate the potential clients of marriage agencies. If you're searching a Russian bride, the services of the listed below legitimate marriage agents may come in handy.

Some Best Marriage Agents we know of

[ No, we are not affiliated with any of them in any way ;) ]


Alice Agency, Poltava, Ukraine: Marriage Agency is run by Vera Karpenko

"Alice" agency offers you high-quality, approved by time and one of the most advanced and honest dating services for single Western men interested in meeting charming Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage. Alice is proud to claim that all couples who met through their matchmaking service and got married are very happy together. The agency catalogues contains photos and profiles of over 600 beautiful, well-educated and sincere Russian and Ukrainian ladies from Poltava who dream of finding their true love and family happiness.

The agency is in personal contact with women-clients and guarantees that all profiles contain accurate information of real women.

5StarsIntroductions, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: Marriage Agency is run by Lesya N. Ponomarenko

5Stars Introductions agency offers reliable dating and matchmaking service that includes:

- arranging personal meetings with Russian brides;
- high quality translation services;
- free pictures of gift deliveries;
- 24-hour customer care service on the phone and by e-mail;
- individual approach to every customer.

The agency data base keeps quality profiles of real Russian women seeking marriage. No married women in the catalogue. More than 7 years of experience. Over 300 happy couples.


Anastasya, Volzhsky, Russia: Marriage Agency is run by Anastasya Zevakina

Anastasya agency is one the oldest and reputable agencies in the Volgograd Region of Russia. The agency offers communication with real Russian women from Volzhsky and Volgograd cities. Anastasia always has a personal contact with a woman and carefully cheeks her ID document and pictures before the data goes online. The service includes meetings arrangement, translation service, personal tours to Volzhsky and Volgograd, etc. Anastasia agency has been in the marriage-making business since 1999, and helped over 500 people to make happy families.

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