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About Martin

Martin D. Baker was born and raised in Southeast Missouri, where he attended Sikeston public schools and graduated from Sikeston High School.  Growing up with family in both Sikeston and Saint Louis fostered a love for the First District area.  Today, Saint Louis is home for Martin, a home he is working to make a better place for all, both ourselves and our children.

Martin started on his political path during his studies at the University of Missouri at Columbia where he studied both Political Science and Criminal Justice with a minor in American History.  It was at this young age when Martin began to volunteer for numerous political campaigns, as well as serving as a Student Senator.

After college, Martin continued to walk the political path by volunteering as a consultant and recruiter for campaigns on both the national and state level.  In 2007, Martin was selected as the Missouri delegate for the National Black Republican Association, where he focused on education of conservative issues.  Driven to make home a better place, Martin co-founded both, a African American conservative organization and Cornerstone Conservative Coalition (C3), a conservative educational network.

Motivated by a deep sense of pride and love of Missouri, Martin is asking for the chance to strengthen the First Congressional District.  Martin's family is deeply rooted in Missouri and he believes in and works hard to protect those time honored principles and traditions found here in Missouri.  Martin is eager to bring traditional values to light in the First Congressional District and across our great country.

Why Elect Martin Baker

Understanding the needs of the people should be the most important motivating factor in legislating. Trustworthy leaders do not focus on being in charge nor will they pursue additional power by manipulating their position or political status. Reliable representation is found in devoted leaders who protect the liberties and needs of their constituents at all times through an unwavering commitment to choose the difficult right over the easy wrong. Doing so takes additional preparation, teamwork and diligence that often times requires one to fight influential party leaders and big money influences like lobbies and political action committees.

Needed Principles

  • Accountability of action and majority oriented legislation
  • End the era of “political correctness” which has caused politicians to tell half truths instead of truly addressing the proper way to correct shortfalls.
  • Stop the practice of promising during the campaign to come to the middle and then, after election, legislating from the extreme right or left.
  • Open channels of communication between the political parties to work together on common goals first and deliberate on differences later.
  • Staying familiar with the needs of the people that currently are not being addressed by either our party leaders or even the entertainment based media.
  • End all misuse of Government funds through Pork and Jaded Earmarking. Require legislation to be available for review and require Representatives to read and comprehend legislation before they vote.
  • Reform standards for reconciling legislation prior to Executive Review.
  • Abandon the cycle of lifetime entitlements, which should serve as a hand up and not a hand out which negates the need for self-motivation and determination to reach for a higher standard of living.

In taking a stand based on the above principles, Martin Baker as your Congressman will emphasize these core issues as part of his platform:

  1. Economy - The prevailing need for our citizens is true economic reform and stimulation. Through the media and some political leaders who have desired to have radical or extreme economic changes, the true picture has been obscured; numerous Missouri Counties, especially here in Metro Saint Louis, are seeing double digit unemployment and businesses shuttering almost daily.  This cannot continue and here are a few solutions:

    • Replacing the progressive income tax with either a national sales tax or a Fair Tax will eliminate tax fraud, and give citizens the right to decide how to spend the money they earn.  All tax increases must require a super-majority of both houses of Congress.
    • Tax Reductions supporting small businesses and their investors are needed now to support the economy.  The Government must realize that this is where jobs are created, and not through stopgap legislation.  Taxes should support the needs of Government and not temporary agencies that pad political powers.

  2. Education - Streamline the Federal Department of Education and leave all major education policies to the individual states.  The product of education is people, not statistics, nor perceived profitability.  We should do all that is needed to insure that our teaches have what they need to make improvements in failing programs and to prepare students for their future advancement.  Any new aid should be based on instructional needs.  We must abandon this cookie-cutter one-size-fit-all approach in education because no two school districts are alike in our nation, and cannot be expected to act as such.

  3. Family Values - Missouri is now more than ever the Heartland of America, and our values rest within the sanctity of sound marriages, preservation of life (which begins at conception), strong families and community fellowship.  As globalization and "equality correctness" are paraded around the nation, a perception that the American culture must include an awareness of equality towards social choices has arisen.  This also must not stand.  Strengthening the values found in our homes, and our churches, and in our communities must be our ambition.

  4. Support of our Armed Forces - To ensure that our armed forces are used to encourage peace, they must remain prepared for all conflicts, be able to dissuade attacks, and achieve victory when needed.  No country or faction should ever doubt that America is the greatest nation on Earth and will defend itself and its allies with the most disciplined and competent military force in the world.  We must also realize that our greatest military assets are the men and women who put on the uniform daily.  Our sailors, soldiers, airmen, and marines face danger on a daily basis in defense of the freedoms we enjoy and for that they deserve our love and support without question.

  5. Health Care - Our nation at one point was the envy of the world with its medical advances.  We have cured diseases, alleviated pain, and researched long-term health solutions.  We have done so even as the costs have increased and the Federal Government has decided to step in and assert itself.  However, it is not the role of the Government to provide or socialize healthcare.  We need to allow medical professionals, not the legislators or judges, to manage hospitals and clinics.  We also need to allow individual states to have the right to opt out of any nationalized attemps to have a uniform healthcare policy.

  6. Foreign Policy - All foreign policy decisions must be made for the purpose of preserving and improving American society.  Our Creator blesses America because we are the most charitable nation in the world and our compassion has never been matched.  However, taxpayer revenue is not the world's Charity slush fund.  We must also not fall prey to following the crowd through World Courts or even, in some cases, a flawed United Nations.  America must be prepared to stand alone if need be to protect itself and its interests.

  7. Fossil Fuel/Energy - It should be abundantly clear that we must reduce our dependency on foreign oil by utilizing domestic resources.  For the most part, our Middle Eastern trading partners are merely allies of economic convenience for them, and, as such, will twist the trade policies to their own advantages, leaving Americans at their whim to pay outrageous prices at the pump.  This can be solved through utilizing oil reserves here in America such as ANWR.  A recent study by the EIA has shown a 95% probability of extracting over 27 billion barrels of oil from the ANWR area.  That is oil that is domestically extracted and not subject to the whims of the OPEC cartel.  Our energy policy must also include free market ingenuity towards the creation of alternative energy forms so as not to continue the absolute dependence on finite fossil fuel resources.  Electricity demand is expected to grow by 50 to 75 percent in the next decade. Nuclear energy today meets 20 percent of America's electricity needs and is the only readily expandable, large-scale electricity source that protects our air quality while meeting the demands of our growing, high-tech economy.  A sound national energy policy should chart a course toward maximizing the use of technologies that have proved that they can provide clean, reliable and competitively priced electricity that improves our environment and powers our economic growth. Given the industry's record-high levels of safety and performance, nuclear energy passes these tests with flying colors.

  8. Illegal Immigration - Studies have shown that illegal immigration is costing the taxpayers of the US $113 Billion annually.  In 1965, the number of illegal immigrants apprehended by the Border Patrol coming across the border was 110,000.  Now that number is more than one million every year.  In recent years most of the apprehensions by the Border Patrol was along the U.S./Mexico border fence.  However, the number understates the amount of illegal entries.  For our security and safety, it is imperative we secure our national borders and prosecute those who violate immigration laws.  Amnesty for those breaking our immigration laws is not the answer.   To secure the American Dream, a person must be willing to utilize all legal channels to enjoy the blessings of citizenship and freedom in the United States.

  9. Constitutionality - In the July 4th issue of Time Magazine, the main headline on its cover was "Does it still Matter?" when referring to our Constitution.  For all those before us who gave their all to see its enactment, and the millions that have given their all to defend it, yes it does.  Our Constitution is the most important document in the world and may prove to be the greatest document in history.  As such, we must demand all public servants, elected and appointed, uphold the Constitution and justify their public acts under its rules.

  10. Judges and Judicial Review - The role of judges is to enforce and interpret the laws and not to enact legislation on its own accord.  We must limit the judicial review power of the Supreme Court by establishing a legislative veto over court decisions not dissimilar to congressional override authority of a Presidential Veto.

  11. Cap and Trade/Environmental Policies - We must resist all efforts to use environmental regulations to set industrial policies under the guise of regulating climate change or whatever is the current "clean earth" argument.  We do need to consider the environment in ventures and will full efforts, but we must also do it sensibly.  Radical policies which handicap businesses already in existence or their future expansion do nothing to advance either job growth or environmental responsibility.

  12. Government Spending - It should be our constant task and goal to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in our spending habits as a Government.  Federal agencies must be required to audit productivity, identify departmental waste, and eliminate unnecessary expenditures.  We must increase our efforts to limit federal spending each year until we can develop a mandated system of operating at less than 20% of the Gross Domestic Product. 

  13. States' Authority and Sovereignty - Our country was founded as a Republic, which means that the central government (Federal) respected the rights of its individual bodies (States).  We must follow the framework given to us in Amendment 10 of the U.S. Constitution and Article 1, Sections 1,3,&4 of the Missouri State Constitution.

While this is just a few of my core ideas, this list is not all inclusive.  Consider this "Baker's Dozen" just a starting point.  We have work to do and together we can restore our Republic.

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