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343 And Pyramind Studios Remaking Halo Soundtrack For Anniversary Edition

Microsoft's 343 Industries division, which oversees all things Halo including Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition, has big plans for the HD remake's soundtrack. 343 has partnered with Pyramind Studios to remake the original game soundtrack, using the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra and the Chanticleer vocal ensemble.

The soundtrack team will remake the original's soundtrack (composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori) note for note, but with a newly recorded orchestral and vocal arrangement.

“It was a huge undertaking to transcribe, orchestrate, and produce every note from the original game soundtrack files” said Paul Lipson, Pyramind Studios COO/audio director. “Our team approached every aspect of the music with an immense amount of skill and care, keeping the core Halo sound while updating the production to today’s highest standards.”

The portions of the soundtrack done with the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra were recorded at the storied Skywalker Sound facilities at Skywalker Ranch (pictured above).

Pyramind Studios has a long track record working in games. The company has done all aspects of game audio, including voice overs, music, and sound design for such games as Infamous 2, Halo, BioShock 2, God of War, and God of War II.

  • LOVE the music of halo matches the scenery events and story!

  • glad to see it will be "note for note" the same as the original score. i would be very upset if they changed even the tiniest thing in that score.

  • the best thing about this game will be the remade terrain and the fact that you can play on Xbox Live!

  • This is excellent news.

  • Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts have the best music for videogames period. One of the best things about Halo is the music.
  • Cool news George Lucas

  • I always liked the Halo music. It gave a sense of huge scale even in the small firefights that would occur

  • DUDE!  Chanticleer is awesome!  They're easily one of the best vocal groups I have ever heard, and they couldn't be a better choice to do the Halo theme!  STOKED!

  • i love the music from the Cartagropher level.

  • Even Halo haters can't say the music is bad. Because they would be saying they dislike good music. And good games.

  • I always thought that the Halo music was amazing.

  • Why? I want to hear that soundtrack EXPANDED upon. The original score was amazing, there is only need to add onto it.
  • Interesting..

  • Glad to hear this. The music is really the only aspect of the franchise that I've ever liked. As a whole, I never liked the whole colorful tone of Halo. I won't say that it's a "bad" game. Just not for me. The story and presentation just doesn't interest me.

  • Love the music :) Can't wait for the game :)

  • loled pretty original, skywalker

  • Halo: CE's music is among the best in videogames.

  • I've got chills...

  • That's actually certifiably awesome. I do not even own a 360 console, and the direction that this game is going already interests me.

  • Nice to see they're going all out on this remake. About time XBox got a taste of the HD remakes of excellent last generation games. We Sony players have been and will be even more spoiled with all the great HD sets at such cheap prices.
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