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Please note that more current documentation can be found at the Feather Linux wiki. Feel free to contribute any documentation of your own there.

Can you include XXXX in Feather Linux?

Email me (my address is feather {at} mail.berlios.de) or post in the Suggestions forum with a description of the app - it must be relatively small and light to use. It must also add something new to Feather Linux - don't ask for another wordprocessor or spreadsheet to be included, for instance. Also, remember that there's only so much space and I can't fit everything in ;)

Booting Feather Linux

Installing Feather Linux onto a USB drive

What are the minimum system requirements?

Feather should be able to run on a 486 with 16Mb of RAM, but only in console (non-graphical) mode. To use X, 24Mb of RAM or more are required.

Why is it called Feather Linux?

Feather signifies that the distribution is extremely light, although I'm not sure how feathers can be useful :)

How can I help?

Feedback and/or suggestions are always appreciated to improve the distro.

How do I reinstall the dpkg structure and /usr/src/linux?

Just type dpkg-get in the console to reinstall the dpkg structure. To reinstall /usr/src/linux, download linuxsrc.tar.bz2 and extract it in /usr/src.

What's the root password?

You must set the root password yourself. In a console, type "sudo passwd" and type in your desired password.

How do I remaster Feather?

Have a look at the Remastering Mini-HOWTO

The Feather customisation routine