"York's finest, Revolution, is the best traditional storyteller in video gaming,
and it's fair to speculate that there will not be a better tale told this year, anywhere."

- MCV, 29th August, 2003 








Steve Ince is an award-nominated Writer-Designer with eleven years of game development experience. He has played a key role in the success of a number of critically acclaimed games. His seven published titles - as well as speculative projects and pitch proposals - ensure that he is fully aware of the rigorous demands that a development schedule makes on all aspects of the creative process.

He offers a mature perspective and approach to providing solutions that exactly match your requirements: from a design critique to full concept; from story and character development to design documentation; from additional mechanics to dramatic dialogue scenes. He will work with you at all times to ensure that he delivers the result that meets your requirements.

His nomination for Excellence in Writing at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2004, followed on from the three BAFTA nominations that were received for Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon: Best Game Design, Best PC Game and Best Adventure.

Steve has just been signed up by the AllintheGame game writers' agency.

Steve is also an accomplished illustrator. His book, Crescent and Claw, has just been published by Booksurge.


Solution summary

Steve has full awareness of the importance of story in all forms of interactive media. It is this growing significance that makes his experience so valuable to your project's development. His years of working on games with rich stories and strong characters puts him in the position of understanding how to get the best story for your project.

A strong game design is crucial to the success or failure of a project and Steve is able to approach the process of game design in a methodical, yet creative way. He is a firm believer in the strength of clear and detailed documentation at all stages of design development.

The importance of quality dialogue cannot be stressed enough, particularly if your project has a rich story told through the dramatic interaction of dynamic characters. To define your dialogue needs, he will work with you at every stage, ensuring that all scripts written complement the style of the project and enhance the performance of the characters.

More importantly than anything, Steve understands that, however his talents are utilised, the project's vision is always your own and he will work with you throughout in order that you can be confident he will deliver to your specifications and on schedule.