Top 10 Game Bargains
You shouldn't have to choose between having a game collection you can be proud of or getting that surgery you need. Follow our list, and you can have both! Cheap bastards, welcome!
By Justin "Violent" Leeper | March 9, 2004

If you feel a little empty and are looking for something to fill the void in your evening, weekend, or lonely heart, a shiny new video game can be just what the doctor ordered. That usually means dropping $50 at your local gaming emporium for a few hours of digital entertainment. After all, gone are the days of a handful of programmers working in their basement to churn out the next big game. Instead, there are dozens of professionals who dedicate 18 months to their latest title, and need gamers to buy into it in order to feed themselves and their families. Then there's advertising, packaging, and other costs piled on top of that.

We don't care about those things, though, do we? We just want to play something fun. Thankfully, the CD and DVD mediums have exponentially lowered the manufacturing costs of games. Companies like Sony and Microsoft have programs in place to offer year-old best sellers at dramatically discounted prices. PC publishers pile together collections and battle chests of their hits to make sure you have no reason not to buy them. Thus, there are definitely some quality deals to be had.

We have scoured the Internet and tangible retailers (yes, we even went outdoors) to find today's best game bargains. Following is a list of the top 10 deals to be had. These are for new games, which you should be able to locate with ease. Use that money you save to buy some pimpin' new duds, a health club membership, or -- more likely -- more games.

10. Halo (Xbox)

Nintendo may have Mario, but Master Chief best represents this generation of console gaming. Much of the success of Microsoft's Xbox can be attributed to Halo, the launch-day system seller that continues to be the game of choice for Xbox n00bs to this day. It's a perennial shoo-in on the top 10 Xbox games sold list month after month, staying above hot new titles.

Is there any wonder why Halo is a must-have? Revolutionary graphics, alien technology, multiplayer bliss, and a co-op mode highlight this Bungie masterpiece. It's arguably the best console first-person shooter to date, and won a slew of awards accordingly. Halo also carried the Xbox through a period where its library was weak compared to PlayStation 2 and even the GameCube.

Halo has been so popular that Microsoft saw no reason to lower the price of the game in two years. Recently, Halo has finally dipped below $30 at most places. While that still isn't at the $20 point of the Platinum Hits line, it's still a good deal for what may go down in the history books as the best Xbox title of all time.

Violent Leeper sez: It took me a few months to hop on the Xbox bandwagon, but no game lobbied harder for my support than Halo. Do I even need to mention that it was the first game I bought? It gives you an amazing sense of a world going on around you -- especially for a console game. The multiplayer is still my favorite of any FPS to this day, and the co-op got my girlfriend to dig on first-person shooters. It's nice to see Microsoft finally loosen the grip on this killer app so people can spend their money on other Xbox products, like reserving Halo 2!

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