Inserting a Column in a JTable Component

There is no insertColumn method like DefaultTableModel.insertRow() for inserting rows. In order to insert a column at a particular position, you must append the column using DefaultTable.addColumn() and then move the new column into the desired position. See Appending a Column to a JTable Component and Moving a Column in a JTable Component for more information.
int rows = 10;
int cols = 5;
JTable table = new JTable(rows, cols);

// Disable autoCreateColumnsFromModel

// Add data

// Insert a new column at position 2 (becomes 3rd column)
insertColumn(table, "New Column", null, 2);

// Insert a new column at the end
insertColumn(table, "New Column", null, table.getColumnCount());

// Creates a new column at position vColIndex
public void insertColumn(JTable table, Object headerLabel,
                         Object[] values, int vColIndex) {
    // This method is defined in
    // Appending a Column to a JTable Component
    betterAddColumn(table, headerLabel, values);

    table.moveColumn(table.getColumnCount()-1, vColIndex);


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