Barristers advice, Advocacy & Representation
in all aspects of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996
Proceedings and Cost Recovery

  Boundary Disputes, Dilapidations, LVT Claims,Trespass
and Adverse Possession, Easements.


Professional Indemnity Insurance



Professional Indemnity Insurance




Welcome to the Faculty website, dealing with matters arising out of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, which we hope you find useful.

The Faculty provides a list of party wall surveyors in your area.

The Faculty also provides seminars, publications and a help line.

The Faculty is open to new membership and welcomes applications, you can download an application form by clicking the Membership link.

Building Owner

"I am doing some building work that may affect my neighbour’s property.  What do I need to do?”

Adjoining Owner

"My neighbour has served me with a Notice.  What do I need to do?”


"I am interested in becoming a party wall surveyor.  What do I need to do?”

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In 1997 the Government introduced party wall legislation across the whole of England & Wales in the form of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. It was recognised by a number of experienced practitioners that the shortage of surveyors available to administer this legislation had to be addressed and the Faculty was born out of this national need for education and support for surveyors but also to enhance awareness and provide advice and guidance to the general public.
The objective of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors is to promote the highest standards of professional practice in this field of expertise and to expand the knowledge and study of all matters to do with party walls, to encourage the exchange of information and ideas amongst its Members.