Dragon Ball Z Kai The internet decided to start a rumor that claimed that Cartoon Network would air Dragon Ball Z Kai uncensored in the US, conveniently forgetting that Cartoon Network has abandoned licensing anime for broadcast outside of Adult Swim, nor does it hold the broadcast license for the series.

Apparently, the rumor gained so much steam, that Cartoon Network had to issue a statement to Toon Zone stating that it will not air the series in North America.

There is no immediate word on whether it will broadcast the series in other countries as Cartoon Network has an international presence around the world, which may have sparked the original rumor.

Why people are so desperate for Cartoon Network to air the series may be the result of nostalgia more than anything resembling a solid business case, as Cartoon Network has shifted focus to live-action programming. 

The support for anime on Cartoon Network isn’t there anymore at the executive level and the series is readily available uncensored on DVD and Blu-Ray for (really) cheap. 

The internet is funny sometimes.