I Am A Motherfucker [2/2]


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Uploaded by on Feb 26, 2010

Part two of a film documenting Thomas Bruso (infamously known across the internet as Epic Beard Man) and the days surrounding the release of an internet video showcasing a fight on an Oakland public bus.

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  • This documentary really hit me. If I had never seen this or the fight on the bus, I would probably have avoided this guy and thought he was just crazy if I met him on the street. He is a little crazy, and he has a lot of problems, but he also had a really messed up life, and he's still got a lot of good qualities that make him unique, like the way he talks to police officers and blacks and whites all the same.

    He taught me a lot about not putting people into categories. People are complicated.

  • "He beat me half to death that mother fucker,but i love him" 0:20 LMAO!!!

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  • Vietnam Tom would beat up Chuck Norris

  • @citb2 he may be a compulsive liar but he is still a good person ( watch the movie BIG FISH its about a compulsive liar )

  • whats this filmed with?

  • This guy is a compulsive liar. The guy never showed a knife. The guy is a certifiable nut job.

  • @88skullkid same

  • :32 Tom is almost as tall as a Clydesdale! Sounds like he's been through alot. He has a good heart.

  • pruane2forever brought me here lol.

  • this guy fucking rocks!

  • FOR ALL YOU TOM HATERS. The guy had it rough. Thats not an excuse, but if you can understand how those things can shape your thought process while your trying to live, learn and grow old. He is vulgar, profane, talks alot of bullshit, and will cry, laugh and whip your ass all within a few minutes. Unlike all you sissys, he does not try to conform to society and I RESPECT him for that. He isnt perfect, not even close but he has my utmost respect because he is REAL .. so fuck YALL :)

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