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Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC is a family medical practice that integrates ancient and modern modalities and applies them according to the wisdom and spirit of Classical Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine. Because every patient is unique and health exists on many levels, our approach is individualized for each patient and addresses physical, mental and emotional balance. We believe in the importance of guiding and supporting each patient to develop a lifestyle that deeply nourishes his or her whole being. We integrate medicinal foods, nutritional support, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and mind-body approaches in the treatment of patients of all ages.

Natural Medicine Awareness Day and The Run

Join us at Natural Medicine Awareness Day, October 22, 2011 at South Hills Power Yoga to see The Run in Pittsburgh and learn about natural medicine health care options.

Maureen Tighe ND, LAc, MSOM

Professional history:

After graduating from Pennsylvania State University, Maureen Tighe ND, LAc, MSOM continued her academic pursuits by attending the oldest college of naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine in the United States, the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. During this 6-year endeavor, Maureen earned both a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.

As a medical student, Maureen participated in an internship under Dr. Dickson Thom, professor of naturopathic medicine at NCNM, emphasizing biotherapeutic drainage, a unique form of European homeopathy. To further appreciate and synthesize her classical Chinese medicine training she attended an external medical rotation to China that included the study of Taoist and Buddhist texts and an ancient form of martial arts known as Qi gong. Her second external medical rotation involved applying her naturopathic training by providing physician supervised natural healthcare to those of need in Nicaragua.

Maureen is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician and is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Oregon. She is also an NCCAOM Board Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, which includes licensure in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy. She is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine as an Oriental Medicine practitioner. Her private practice, Trillium Natural Medicine located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, blends her unique skill set in helping people achieve optimal health and balance.

Personal history:

Maureen grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her parents, three sisters and large, extended family. She was raised in a compassionate, quirky, Irish family and was exposed to her family's humanitarian efforts and political involvement. She also witnessed enough family members suffering from chronic disease to make a lasting impression on her. Her interest in herbal therapy took root during her undergraduate study, but she was unaware of any formal training at the time.

After various traveling experiences, she settled for three years in Juneau, Alaska. It was here that she met a naturopathic mentor, the late Dr. Glenna Wilde, and learned about Vis Medicatrix Naturae, or the Healing Power of Nature. She was specifically intrigued by the naturopathic principle "Doctor as Teacher" and the idea of teaching patients to make healthful choices and enabling them to be active participants in their health plan and prevention of illness. This compelled her to commit her life and career in the field of Natural Health.

Read about Maureen's trip to Haiti.

Mission Statement

"Empowerment through knowledge is at the core of my practice. I am dedicated to guiding all of my patients to take a pro-active role in their health and to live an abundant, balanced and joyful life."

- Maureen Tighe ND, LAc, MSOM

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