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icon_STOPPark News - (1/6/12) While Dragon Kahn sits closed during the construction of the nearby new coaster, PAFans reports that work crews have begun to repaint the ride with new more intense shades of red and blue. Check it out.
    (5/16/11) I’m not sure if this means anything or not just yet, but a few new survey markers have been discovered in the ground very close to Dragon Kahn at PortAventura. This could just be for some maintenance project… or could it be a sign of something bigger on the way, like the rumored 2012 coaster project? See the pics towards the bottom of this page at PA Fans.
    (4/13/11) I’ve been told that PortAventura will be showcasing two new shows in the Sea Odyssey attraction this season, Aquaride and Turtle Vision 3D.


icon_STOP2012 - New Coaster / Waterpark Expansion - (1/17/12) A few new pictures of the new coaster at PortAventura have been posted to Roller Coaster Revolution this week.
    (1/2/12) New construction pictures from the B&M Hypercoaster up at PortAventura can be found here.
    (12/7/11) Track for the new B&M Hypercoaster going into PortAventura has been spotted at the park and can be seen here. The ride’s track with have a white spine with blue painted rails and ribs.
    (11/7/11) Take a new look at the early progress starting to shape up at PortAventura for their new B&M Hypercoaster. Still all dirt digging and footer forming at the moment however, though I imagine we’ll start to see the first bits of steel arrive on site for the station before the end of the year.
    (10/27/11) A few new pieces of artwork for the new PortAventura B&M Coaster on the way can be found about half way down this page at CoasterCommunity.
    (10/24/11) PortAventura has confirmed at last their plans to add a new B&M Hypercoaster to the park for 2012, which they are also calling the ‘highest’ coaster in all Europe. The profile of this new coaster will change the skyline at the park and become it’s new “icon”. They say that it will break three European records: height (76 meters / 249 ft), longest drop (78 meters / 255 ft) and will be the fastest hypercoaster in Europe reaching 134 kph (83mph) on the first drop. It will also feature a series of 5 airtime full camelback hills. A lot of the descriptions for the ride talk about mountain climbing, so that could be a hint about the overall theme or name for the ride. While I didn’t see it mentioned in the press release, the name “Shambhala: Expedicion Al Himalaya” has started to be thrown around on the net.
    (9/19/11) A reader report from PortAventrua claims that Dragon Khan was closed for much of this past week, allowing for a lot of construction activity to take place under sections of the coaster for the park’s big 2012 coaster.
    (7/29/11) The latest construction pictures posted to the PACommunity website show off a large clearing now made next to Dragon Kahn, and a diagram found that clearly shows off classic 4-across B&M Hypercoaster trains featuring a splash-down effect. However, I’ve also heard a rumor that the ride may be the new style trains with the staggered seating that we’ve seen at the Cedar Fair parks in the last few years. The ride’s layout is rumored to feature a 255 ft drop, at least one tunnel, a double-helix spiral, a horse-shoe turn-around and at least five air-time hills.
    (6/15/11) Screamscape sources tell us that the hints about a new hypercoaster style experience on the way to Port Aventura are right on the money… and we should be seeing some activity in proposed site very soon.
    (5/18/11)  Could PortAventura be planning a hypercoaster? According to a drawing sent my way from our friends at PA-Community, a rumored new coaster layout may 2011_0517_PortAvenutra_coasterrumorbe in the works that would cross over Dragon Kahn, but travel a very long distance in the process, which seems more in tune with a Hypercoaster style design, something the park (and regional attractions in general) are lacking.
    This may not be the only project in the works for the resort, as there is also a rumored large expansion for the waterpark also rumored to be back on track. You can read a bit (translated from Spanish) about the evolution of the proposed expansion of the Caribe Aquatic Park which was once pitched for 2009.
    (4/12/11) According to this news article, in addition to the big 2012 attraction, described as being a huge investment that will get international attention, they are also planning on expanding the waterpark as well in 2012.
    (4/5/11) Adding a little more fuel to the fire that PortAventura may be planning a big coasters for 2012, the ‘co-director’ of the park mentioned in this article that a major investment was already planned for next year that will be a big surprise. When the last management shift took place in 2010, they vowed to spend 80 million Euros over the next four years, and after the completion of the 15 million Euro “Sesamo Aventura” land, there is still 65 million left for 2012, 2013 and 2014.
    (12/9/10) The early rumor for 2012 claims that PortAventura could be working on adding a new coaster to the park. Either a B&M Flyer or Dive Machine coaster is said to be favored at this point, though that may purely be speculation.


2012 - Costa Caribe Expansion - Planned - (4/12/11) According to this news article, in addition to the big 2012 attraction, described as being a huge investment that will get international attention, they are also planning on expanding the waterpark as well in 2012.
    (9/29/10) New waterslides and attractions are being planned for the Caribe waterpark, including a couple of speed drop slides with an intense volcano theme. Check it out here.
    (8/4/10) According to this article at Parksmania, the Costa Caribe waterpark is planning an expansion in both themeing as well as the addition of new attractions. Look for this to come in 2012 most likely.



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