Hi my name is Steve Montenegro and I am currently running for re-election as State Representative in District 12 for Arizona. Thank you for visiting my website.

It is an honor representing you at the State Capitol. Thanks to our big spending former Governor and her allies, we now find ourselves facing major challenges, a record budget deficit and a very depressed economic environment. To help Arizona come out of this in the strongest possible shape, we are focused on eliminating waste, getting rid of unnecessary programs, and shrinking the size and cost of government. Our neighboring states are all trying to tax and spend their way out of the recession, but history teaches that that strategy will only make the bad times last longer, and reduce the eventual good times. While tough decisions are being made today, there is no question that Arizona will be in a stronger position than other states, and the new businesses that we attract will pull us out of this downturn at a faster rate than those other states.

Arizona is a great state and a wonderful place to start and raise a family. It is our job to keep it that way. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on how I can better do my job and thank you again for taking the time to learn more about me.

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