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Ask Yourself This Question: Would You Bounce Better off Concrete or Rubber?

A Safer Pool Edge in Sonoma, California, offers pool coping made from 100 percent recycled rubber tires. Our pool coping is safer for your family and the environment.

100% Recycled
Our coping is manufactured in California from 100 percent recycled tires. After the tires are recycled and broken down into a usable by-product, they are taken from a granulated base of rubber, and using significant pressure and heat, are formed into a piece of rubber coping tile. Instead of becoming landfill, rubber tires are made useful again as a safety product for your backyard swimming pool.

Pool, Swimming Pool Coping in Sonoma, CA

Safer for Your Family
Installing rubber coping with your pool decking dramatically increases the safety factor over concrete or stone. These materials have been used in pool construction for more than 50 years. Our innovative rubber pool coping will become the benchmark for all other coping products, from a swimming pool safety standpoint alone.   

More Than 30 Years Experience

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