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MetaCarta Geographic Data Modules make up the core of MetaCarta products. A GDM is a knowledge base used to identify and disambiguate geographic references, assign latitude/longitude coordinates, and confidence scores and relevance ranking. Each MetaCarta GDM contains linguistic statistics, gazetteer data, and natural language processing (NLP) logic. 

The MetaCarta Arabic Language GDM enables MetaCarta products to automatically identify the language and character set of each document and assign latitude and longitude coordinates and country code tags to each place name in the document. This GDM contains unique Arabic natural language processing (NLP) and can identify Arabic placenames within all-Arabic documents, or mixed language documents (e.g. an English document containing a native Arabic location reference).

The MetaCarta Arabic Language GDM identifies can process Arabic numerical formats, anthroponyms (personal names), laqabs (nicknames or titles), and nisbas (adjectives).

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