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Disturbed and distraught at the demise of spacemoose my favorite sodomy filled comic strip I contacted Mustafa Al-Habib the creator of and demanded it make a triumphant return. He replied and explained that after immense interest in his fellatio-barn project he'd decided to franchise the idea and was now busy in Saudi Arabia setting up the first one of it's kind for Prince Al-Bukkake. Being the persistent stalker type I pestered him about the fate of spacemoose and we came to an arrangement whereby I host the comic strip and he's entitled to my first born. Thankfully after 20 something years I've realized the female species is allergic to my brand of genitals and thus have no chance of polluting the gene pool. Any questions or death threats regarding spacemoose should be sent to Mustafa as looking at the banner below he's the only one in possession of creative flair or intelligence...Enjoy Buttpirates!



Space Moose is a cartoon that regularly appeared in the University of Alberta student newspaper The Gateway from 1989 to 1999. A number of independent publications scarcely worth mentioning are running old strips.

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Something for the vigilant
I have decided to break my silence. It's been, what, 10 months since I touched this web site? Yeah, about that. The reason was, I completed no new cartoons. In 2000, and most of 1999, my motivation to produce Sadistic comic strips yielded to other things. However, my scatological demons were far from silent. Here to tide you over while I plan my next graphical odyssey is a book review that I penned a few months ago.


"Taking the piss out of shitting"

At a time when scatalogical humor is the soup of the day, who can take bowel movements seriously? C. Bernie Hunt, that's who. In 39 Defecation Mistakes, Hunt's inaugural treatise on toilet tactics, we learn 39 ways NOT to win the battle with the bowl. In Hunt's own words, "shitting is not as easy as it looks. The average American experiences seven defecation disasters a year. It's something we don't discuss and usually don't even want to think about. That's why it recurs time and time again." Mistake number one about making number two is "not learning from past mistakes." Hunt notes that in all other aspects of life, we know that the best lessons come from analyzing our errors. So, why do we not apply that same wisdom to our most disastrous dumps? "...because we never blame ourselves. We're all, 'oh, it must have been the tuna salad,' or 'it's flu season.' It is imperative that every man in this country starts taking responsibility for his own ass."

The strength of Hunt's analysis lies in his multi-disciplinary approach. Mixing ideas rich in psychology, history, sociology and physiology - enough to make a gastroenterologist's head spin - with the economic implications of frequent fecal fiascos, Hunt convincingly argues that anal ignorance is destroying mankind. Mistakes range in complexity and severity. "Evacuation is a perplexing process involving many extremely subtle factors. Like the butterfly who flaps his wings in Brazil, which causes a hurricane in England, some of the most innocuous moves we make can have BIG repercussions." For example, mistake number 8: over-wiping, promotes hemorrhoids. Mistake number 12: delaying until the very last second, has resulted in many sullied drawers and broken relationships.

"Defecation is a chess game. It's us versus the enemy within. Sometimes the beast is docile, and will comply with your wishes - but he does so only to lull you into complacency. Never let your guard down. [mistake number 4: letting your guard down]"

The only criticism I have of 39 Defecation Mistakes is that maybe it could have been shortened to about 35 mistakes. The last few errors, although Hunt insists they are vital to the colonic canon, seem a bit stilted. This is supposed to be an every-man book with problems we can all relate to. So then, what are we to make of passages like the following, taken from mistake 36: Shit as weapon? "At first glance it might seem like a good idea to take a dump on the Thanksgiving dinner table, but you'll be thinking differently when your mom's asshole boyfriend makes you eat it."

Rating: * * * * 1/2

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The Space Moose icons, created by the illustrious Taylor Garries, are now available in Macintosh format. I know. Whoopdie doo. The Windows version is still available.

Game, set, felch

The purpose of this web site is to provide free worldwide access to Space Moose, and to keep fans up-to-date with all the goings-on. If you have any problems viewing the cartoons or anything else, please contact me in e-mail.

I have been having trouble keeping it up-to-date lately, but I am going to make a concerted effort to improve things. Feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions, and questions. Let me know what you think of my lame cartoon!

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