Joshua Putnam intro

Campaign Mission Statement

My decision to run for the State House was not made out of haste, but after seeking my Lord Jesus Christ and His purpose for my life. I have felt the Lord calling me for sometime to be a Leader among men within our government. I said to myself if the door opens, I will walk through it and leave the rest in His hands.

So this campaign is being run like no other in the state, it’s truly “the people’s” campaign. It’s time for us as men and women to take a stand for what’s right and to elect our leaders accordingly. We can’t afford another career politician, but must elect a common man who is the people for “the people”. I am not relying on money to win this campaign but “the people”! We will work diligently at getting our vision to “the people” of Anderson State House District 10. However, the outcome of this election is within your hands. What happens is truly all up to you. I ask you to stand with me now and let’s make a difference in our State and Country. God bless.

Yours Truly,Joshua Putnam's SignatureJoshua Putnam