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KPOJ Line-Up
Monday - Friday

Alan Samuel Colmes (born September 24, 1950) is an American radio/television host, progressive political commentator and blogger. He is the host of The Alan Colmes Show, a nationally syndicated talk-radio show distributed by Fox News Radio that also airs throughout the United States on Fox News Talk on Sirius and XM. From 1996 to 2009, Colmes served as the co-host of Hannity & Colmes, a nightly political debate show on Fox News Channel. In addition to broadcasting, Colmes runs the popular Liberaland blog and has written one book: Red, White & Liberal: How Left is Right and Right is Wrong

3A - 6A The Bill Press Show
With his finger on the pulse of politics and pop culture, Bill Press delivers a morning show that's enlightening and entertaining... and only SLIGHTLY off balance..
Weekday mornings, AM 620 KPOJ goes live and local from the banks of the Willamette River with Carl Wolfson! A nationally-known comic and Northwest political activist, Carl has been with KPOJ for the past 3 years! Carl in the Morning is a show full of guests, callers and a lot of fun. KPOJ listeners know they will regularly hear from people in the know like Peter DeFazio, Brian Baird, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley. Adam Klugman, Jefferson Smith, Dave Hunt, Ellen Ratner, Hank Stern, Kari Chisholm,Tom Chamberlain, Sarah Mirk, David Wu, Earl Blumenauer, and many, many more. Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann all have standing invitations to be guests with on the show. As has been said before, it truly is the “thinking person’s morning show” produced by Paul Pimentel.

9A – 12P  Thom Hartmann - Nationwide
In addition to participating in the local KPOJ Morning Show, Thom Hartmann goes nationwide with a 3 hour talk-fest from the “flagship studios” of Portland’s Only Progressive Talk Station on the Air America Radio Network.  Thom took over the Al Franken time slot in February and has instantly become a nationwide sensation.  This talk show that is a “must listen” for the other liberal and conservative hosts.  Listeners know that they’d better bring their brain as Thom takes on the Progressive issues facing our planet!

12P – 3P The Ed Schultz Show
“Big Ed” has won Marconi, Peabody and The Eric Sevareid Awards. All this from a former conservative who became a liberal (“but not a wacko liberal”) because “…I basically got out in the world…”  Ed Schultz has delivered 20 shares on KFGO/Fargo for the past 15 years. He considers himself “…a gun-toting, meat-eating lefty.”
Randi’s legendary South Florida talk show (WIOD/Miami and WJNO/West Palm) is the PMD anchor for KPOJ. The program features commentary, interviews, call-ins and Randi’s trademark candor. Randi is one of the first female political talk show hosts in the country. She started her radio career in Seminole, Texas and honed her skills in Milwaukee, Dallas and New York. Surprising fact: Randi was voted “Most Outstanding Woman” in the US Air Force in 1979.
Norman Goldman is a self-made businessman, raised in the orphanages of NYC who worked his way from nothing through law school and achieved success fighting for the little guy. Throughout his career, Norman has been a legal expert for various national media including the cable news channels. Norman is a current contributor to MSNBC and guest-host to The Ed Schultz radio and television shows. He has recently been added to the Huffington Post as a blogger. More at

9p - 12a The Mike Malloy Show
Mike Malloy is back!  For more than three years, Mike hosted late nights on KPOJ.  Then, in August, 2006, Air America fired him.  But now he’s back…full of left-wing rants exposing the right for what they truly are!  Some think he’s caustic.  Others think he’s abrasive.  But “Truthseekers” across the Pacific Northwest rejoice!

12a-3a       Ring of Fire
3a-6a         Bill Press
6a-9a         Carl in the morning
9a-12p       Thom Hartmann– Nationwide
12p-3p       Ed Schutlz
3p-6p         Randi Rhodes
6p-9p         Norman Goldman 
9p-12a       Mike Malloy
12a-3a       Alan Colmes
3a-6a         Bill Press
6a-9a         Carl in the morning
9a-12p       Thom Hartmann– Nationwide
12p-3p       Ed Schutlz
3p-6p         Randi Rhodes
6p-9p         Norman Goldman 
9p-12a       Mike Malloy


12a-3a              Alan Colmes
3a-6a                Randi Rhodes
6a-9a                Best of Bill Press
9a-12p              Best of Stephanie Miller
12p-3p              Ring of Fire
3p-6p                Mad As Hell With Adam Klugman
6p-9p                Ed Shultz               


12a-4a              Mike Malloy 
4a-5a                ABC Perspective
5a-7a                Keep Hope Alive with The Rev. Jesse Jackson
7a-8a                KPOJ Public Affairs
8a-9a                Both Sides Now!
9a-10a              Vegan Show
10a-1p              Norman Goldman
1p-4p                The Best of Alan Colmes
4p-7p                Ed Schultz
7p-10p              Randi Rhodes
*Monday Mornings 12a - 3a:  Ring of Fire  (Saturday Replay)