06 / 08 / 06
new release:
2GI - Babarzum

2GI, the electric Italoboys setup their Remix EP "Babarzum", featuring remixes of pop, post rock and trash metal bands from all over Italia.

01 / 02 / 06
new release:
kAzooo - Unshakenly Hawaiite

The first release this year 2006 is an electric TechHouse Bundle by kAzooo, featuring pad-driven klikker sounds and straight forwarding arrangements.

13 / 12 / 05
new release:
Igor Vlaslov - For A Long Time Planned EP

Smooth DeepHouse EP by Igor Vlaslov. The russian winter meets minor chords and groovy techbeats.

6 / 10 / 05
new release:
Florian Filsinger - King of Verlieren

New electro release by Florian Filsinger. This 10 track release features the unique and clashy Filsingerstyle!

28 / 8 / 05
new release:
Coax - Solaris

The fully-fledged electronica album "Solaris" composed by Coax is released. This notional soundtrack to the renowned scifi classic awaits your click.

25 / 8 / 05
Oh Yeah, new VST Instrument:
CABLEGUYS Curve online!

Our friend Jakob @ CABLEGUYS.de put his awesome wavetable synthesizer online. Draw your own oscillators in realtime and mangle them with the fatsounding filters and extensive modulation options! GUI by Acedia Pixelhero Kiritan Flux!

Grab your copy here:


19 / 8 / 05
new release:
Electronvc - Aebinstuutgart EP

New Mini EP from Eastern Europe. Electronvcs small and sweet idm pieces up and running.

2GI - Babarzum

The 2GI Italoboys celebrate their third release with a special something! In their own words: "Acid trips in mayonese noise, sampled carillons and skipping cds to remix pop, post rock and even thrash metal artists, in an effort to dissolve boundaries and demolish walls". This led to the "Babarzum" Remix EP available for download right here. The websites of the original bands and their music can be found here:

Beta Project
Ground Control
My Own Parasite

(all tracks mastered by Lonny Lord)

information and downloading

cat.num: am041
release date: 6th August 2006

Click the "complete release" link to download a single .zip file with all tracks of this release included:

> complete release
playtime: 13:34 min
filesize: 23.90 mb

Or click on any songtitle to download single tracks:

> 01. Biscotti - Babalot (2GI remix)
playtime: 2:59 min
filesize: 5.24 mb

> 02. Time - My Own Parasite (2GI remix)
playtime: 3:10 min
filesize: 5.98 mb

> 03. Insanity - Beta Project (2GI remix)
playtime: 3:35 min
filesize: 6.12 mb

> 04. An echo - Ground Control (2GI remix)
playtime: 3:50 min
filesize: 6.61 mb