Creative Writing

May 11

SatSnap – The Manor

Thumbinmyway hosts the SatSnap. This is the first time I’ve participated and the picture below intrigued me. So here’s my 300 words around this picture.

I’d seen places like this on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters International, but now I was standing here with permission to go in and I can’t push the gate open. All I see is the ruin of someone’s home. In my mind’s eye, I see what it used look like mid-summer.

Windows flung open and lace curtains fluttering in the wind to keep the inner part of the house cool. The chatter and laughter of children as they run around the yard playing tag, hide-n-seek, or croquet. A vegetable garden partially hiding the outbuildings while a flower garden draws your eye to the white front door. Farmhands moving between the outbuildings taken care of the chores, the animals and the gardens. This was a place of happiness – how did it get to this point?

Maybe the heirs to this piece of land thought it was too much work and moved to a nearby city. It’s clear however, that someone maintains the grounds – no tall grass to wade through to get to the house.

I take a deep breath and open the gate. It doesn’t screech in protest – another sign that someone still cares for the property. I walk up the gentle slope. As I get closer to the front door, I surprised by hints of color peeking out from the undergrowth. Some flowers from the formal garden have gone native and the stronger plants have survived the years of neglect. The scavenger in me wants to take some of these plants home to my garden.

I keep looking up to the windows. I expect to see someone peeking down at me through the missing panes. But all that remains is the tattered lace fluttering in the midsummer breeze.