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A sub-Reddit for teenager Redditors. All are welcome.

This, my friends, is a currently growing sub-reddit that we are trying to nurture and bring life to. We are trying to give the teenagers of reddit some place to talk to people their own age. People they can relate to and talk about their problems with. Many teenagers are going through changes, but we would like to offer a place where we can talk about them freely, older teens can offer advice of how they dealt with it.

Themes for this week:
Sunday: Parents
Monday: Sports
Tuesday: Arts
Wednesday: Jobs
Thursday: Embarrassing Moments
Friday: Philosophy
Saturday: Favorite kind of Taco


  • No overly nsfw stuff. You can do that on your own time.

  • Give out your own personal information at your own discretion. We do not recommend giving out your personal information publicly.

  • Any purposefully mean or insulting comments will get you banned.

  • Not many things will be out of place in this subreddit, anything that crosses our teenage minds (as long as appropriate ), will be allowed.

  • Have fun away from the rest of reddit!

  • If you find anyone being rude etc. you may send a message to the moderators, and we will review to see if there is enough evidence for this person to be banned. But that comes with its own dangers, which is why is you feel that a mod is becoming power-hungry or unfair, you may pm another moderator so we can take care of the problem.


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