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Hotmail: Get started

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Hotmail is always coming out with new stuff to help you save time and get more done.

Hotmail is 10 times faster than a year ago

Whether you're opening a message or sending photos, Hotmail feels "instant." We worked under the hood to improve speed, so that you can spend your valuable time getting other stuff done.

Connect Facebook to Hotmail

Now you don’t need to jump back and forth between Hotmail and Facebook to stay in touch with all your friends. You can see who's online and have instant chats all in one place.

One inbox for Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo! Plus Mail

Most people have multiple email accounts. Instead of checking a bunch of different places, bring them all into Hotmail. Not only will you get to keep everything together, you can still send messages as if you were in the other account.

All your contact lists—connected and synced

Most of us have contacts all over the place—in various email accounts, in social networking sites, and so on. With Hotmail, you can add friends from places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, AOL Mail, and Outlook. Your contacts stay organized in one place.