Sonic Adventure 2 & Battle (2001) Music

After discovering the existence of a secret weapon mentioned in the diary of his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, Dr. Eggman infiltrates a high-security G.U.N. facility in search of it. This "weapon", a black hedgehog named Shadow who claims that he is the "Ultimate Life Form", offers to help Eggman take over the world, telling him to rendezvous with him at the abandoned Space Colony ARK with more Chaos Emeralds. In this adventure, you play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and attempt to save the world -- or play as Shadow, Dr. Eggman, or Rouge and conquer all who stand in your way.

Following shortly after Sega's departure from console manufacturing, the game was ported to the Nintendo GameCube under the title Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It was released in Japan on December 20, 2001, North America on February 11, 2002, and Europe on May 3, 2002. This version was the first Sonic the Hedgehog game on a Nintendo system

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Songs Artist Length
2 Player Select Screen Sonic Team 2:07
Chao Karate: Champion Sonic Team 00:10
Chao Karate: Draw Sonic Team 00:04
Chao Karate: Entrance Sonic Team 00:45
Chao Karate Sonic Team 2:38
Chao Karate: Lose Sonic Team 00:03
Chao Karate: Win Sonic Team 3:22
Grind Race Level Sonic Team 2:19
SA2: Battle Opening Sonic Team 00:49
Snowboarding Level Sonic Team 2:31

Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Tracks Length
Download All Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Tracks in a 88.7 MB .ZIP File XX:XX
01 It Doesn't Matter 2:44
02 Escape from the City 2:21
03 Believe in Myself 3:57
04 Unknown from ME 4:50
05 Fly in the Freedom 4:55
06 Throw it All Away 5:00
07 E.G.G.M.A.N. 3:22
08 Live And Learn 4:32
92 It Doesn't Matter (Instrumental) 2:43
93 Escape from the City (Instrumental) 2:20
94 Believe in Myself (Instrumental) 3:56
95 Unknown from M.E. (Instrumental) 4:49
96 Fly in the Freedom (Instrumental) 5:08
97 Throw it All Away (Instrumental) 5:00
98 E.G.G.M.A.N. (Instrumental) 3:23
99 Live And Learn (Instrumental) 4:29

Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack: Disc 1 Artist Length
Download All Disc One Tracks in a 95.6 MB .ZIP file XX:XX
Main Riff for Sonic Adventure 2 Jun Senoue 00:22
Event: Let's Make It! Jun Senoue 00:46
Escape From The City ...for City Escape Jun Senoue & Ted Poley 2:18
The Mad Convoy Race ...for City Escape Jun Senoue 00:48
That's The Way I Like It ...for Metal Harbor Jun Senoue 2:44
Can't Stop, So What!? ...for Metal Harbor Jun Senoue 00:54
Won't Stop, Just Go! ...for Green Forest Jun Senoue 2:28
Keys The Ruin ...for Pyramid Cave Jun Senoue 3:27
Unstable World ...for Crazy Gadget Jun Senoue 2:51
Highway In The Sky ...for Final Rush Jun Senoue 2:59
Boss: -GUN- Mobile Jun Senoue 1:55
Advertise: SA2 the groove Jun Senoue 2:08
Event: Strategy Tomoyo Ohtani 1:28
This Way Out ...for Prison Lane Jun Senoue 3:11
Rumbling HWY ...for Mission Street Jun Senoue 2:46
Chasing Drive ...for Kart Jun Senoue 2:43
Down In The Base ...for Hidden Base Jun Senoue 3:35
On The Edge ...for Eternal Engine Jun Senoue 2:52
Advertise: SA2 ver.B Jun Senoue 00:27
Kick The Rock! ...for Wild Canyon Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:15
A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:24
Dive Into The Mellow ...for Aquatic Mine Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:37
Deeper ...for Death Chamber Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 4:07
Space Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd Tomoya Ohtani & Hunnid-P 3:31
Boss: Masters Of The Desert Jun Senoue 2:05
Event: Reunion Kenichi Tokoi 00:42
Advertise: Prof.Omochao Jun Senoue 1:30
Chao Race Extended Mix [Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix] Tomoyo Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, etc 6:44
Chao Garden Extended Mix [Chao's Wack-Wack Up&Down the Ground Mix] Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi 8:09
Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack: Disc 2 Artist Length
Download All Disc Two Tracks in a 102.9 MB .ZIP File Sonic Team XX:XX
Vengence Is Mine ...for Radical Highway Sonic Team 2:32
Rhythm And Balance ...for White Jungle Sonic Team 2:28
Mr.Unsmiley ...for Sky Rail Sonic Team 1:50
The Supernatural ...for Final Chase Sonic Team 2:49
For True Story ...for Sonic vs. Shadow Sonic Team 2:31
Event: Conquest Sonic Team 1:33
Hey You! It's Time To Speed Up Again!!! Sonic Team 00:27
Still Invincible ...No fear! Sonic Team 00:56
Advertise: Rhythmic Passage Sonic Team 1:07
Boss: Suitable Opponent Sonic Team 1:59
Remember Me? - M.F.M. ...for Iron Gate Sonic Team 2:20
Way To The Base ...for Sand Ocean Sonic Team 2:52
Trespasser ...for Lost Colony Sonic Team 2:25
Crush'em All ...for Weapons Bed Sonic Team 2:25
Soarin' Over Space ...for Cosmic Wall Sonic Team 3:04
Event: 3 Black Noises Sonic Team 5:20
Advertise: SA2 ver.C Sonic Team 00:27
Event: Sonic vs. Shadow Sonic Team 1:19
Bright Sound ...for Dry Lagoon Sonic Team 3:35
Lovely Gate 3 ...for Egg Quarters Sonic Team 3:18
I'm A Spy ...for Security Hall Sonic Team 3:37
34ºN, 12ºE ...for Mad Space Sonic Team 3:33
Event: The Base Sonic Team 1:53
Boss: Shut Up Faker! Sonic Team 1:42
Scramble For The Core ...for Cannon's Core ver.1 Sonic Team 2:03
Cooperation ...for Cannon's Core ver.2 Sonic Team 1:59
Deep Inside Of... ...for Cannon's Core ver.3 Sonic Team 3:18
Supporting Me ...for Biolizard Sonic Team 3:29
Event: Madness Sonic Team 1:48
Event: The Last Scene Sonic Team 3:36
Live & Learn ...Main Theme of SONIC ADVENTURE 2 Sonic Team 4:27

17 Responses to Sonic Adventure 2 & Battle (2001) Music

  1. Jordan says:

    This soundtrack is quite possibly one of the best ever!

  2. Johny says:

    Thanks For the post! Omg y was looking for this for ages! thanks :D

  3. Thyme says:

    The game is great and the music suits well!

  4. suhuck kim says:

    This soundtracks are very interesting!!

  5. Lawl I like Wild Canyon – Kick The Rock! That song has been in my head for more than eight years! LLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL

  6. Wow this tracks are cool thank you i love escape from the city:D

  7. MystrixTH says:

    love the music, jun senoue (crush 40) are epic

  8. UnKnown says:

    Epic, just epic. From all the web, even youtube, these are the best quality. Plus, Sega did a good job making these tracks. XD

  9. BeholdICanFly says:


  10. Vladimir says:

    My favorite is A Ghost Pumpkin Soup-Pumpkin Hill,Ilike that song, and Kick The Rock is a good one too!

  11. Thank you for posting this. It makes me remember my childhood. Oh such great times. :D

  12. Tyler says:


  13. True Blue Rice says:

    AWESOME I say. No words can describe the pure melody and harmony of these tracks.
    the shear impact of the music when it hit these ears, blew me off of my feet. Sonic has always been one of my favorite characters and to this day, and into the future, he always will be. GO SONIC!!!

    To Sega and all of the Sonic video game creators:

  14. Nadia says:

    I LOVE this! :D Thank you so much! Tails and his missions were my favorite, Knuckles’ coming in second lol. I can’t wait til i get my 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a Rockford Fosgate sound system so I can blast this on the highway <3

  15. BlueBlur101 says:

    Who could forget Pumpkin Hill and City Escape? AWESOME!!!

  16. SonicShinobi says:

    Um do you know if you have Amy’s Theme “My Sweet Passion” or is it in another music section?

    • Neon Chaos says:

      Amy’s theme was never released on any of the SA2 soundtracks since she wasn’t playable. I don’t even think you hear her song in the game. You can find it on the SA1 soundtrack.

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