Name the Persian fairy tale which became known as "Rapunzal" in Germany? Rudabeh and Zal. British Library: "Rudabeh offered to let her hair down Rapunzal-like from her tower, so that Zal could climb up and see her. Zal didn't wish to hurt her and so they used a rope instead. (This is the subject of many paintings.) Once together, they promised each other their hearts, and to love no other. All the families agreed to their marriage, which overcame the negative feelings of the past. Their wedding lasted 30 days." 100 Afarin Ramin Tork!

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The story has so much fun trivia

by ramintork on

Here are a few to have fun with:- 

- Simurgh instructed and Zal conducted the first known Caesarean section which in persian is called Rustamzad.

- Rustam had Arab blood! Rudaba Rustam's mum and daughter of chief of Kabul was from line of Zahak the Arab and that is why they were all against the marriage! So even Rustam would not be too pure an Aryan for some of our bloggers here. LOL!

- The tradition of Javanmardi or Pahlavani ( not the Gajar resurrection of Pahlavani) known in English as code of Chivalry was passed from Iranians to Arabs, Romans, and the Eurpeans of post Rome i.e. Anglo Saxons. It was mixed with some branches of Sufism and exists to this day, we just have to go back and get rid of the Islamic bits here and there. LOL. So for instance Salman Farsi is no longer a hero but a traitor or at least the kid who suffered from Stockholm syndrome before the syndrome was recognized in 20th Century and became a bandit! Thank you IRI for the last 30 inch nail!

 Here are the qualites as I understand them ( I wished I practiced them too) :-

Patience, hospitality, tolerance, respect for elders, self sacrifice, acting on one's promise and being one with one's good deeds, being the champion of the weak, defender of light and wisdom, to summarize the doctrince of Avesta in good thought, good deeds, good actions which meant that you held back your words until you were sure it is what you want to say! I think all of us bloggers on IC qualify! LOL.

These Aryans lived in Sistan a hot climate region on south east Iran so they would have been very olive skinned so please get the Hitler's youth images out of your head, that nonesense doesn't apply to us.

- Rakhsh wasn't white! It was as described:-

" like rose leaves that have been scattered upon a saffron ground"

- Shahnameh is a zen like practical application book of Javanmardi it is what being Iranian is all about, so now that you know Shahnameh is your real book of light we should go back and read it in detail. Although blood line is important, it is the chivalry conduct that makes you Iranian so I'll try to practrice it more often and if you love Iran you would do the same. Instead of reading the Da vinci code the secrets are in Shahnameh ( the uncut version i.e. the version that was not altered by Mullahs).



Ari Siletz

steamy words

by Ari Siletz on

بگیر این سر گیسو از یک سویم

ز بهر تو باید همی‌ گیسویم

بدان پرورانیدم این تار را

که تا دستگیری کند یار را


فردوسی‌ (رودابه خطاب به زال)


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