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CBC on TMI: Reports of enormous increase in cancer deaths — Infant mortality rates doubled — Birds disappeared — Many mutations observed (VIDEO)


Title: Counting the Costs: Three Mile Island
Source:  Listener’s Choice from CBC Radio
Date: June 6th, 2008

Gwen Anderson was only twenty-three years old when she first heard “Counting the Costs: Three Mile Island” on CBC Radio. Now it’s twenty-three years later, and Gwen earns a living doing the same kind of work that the men at Three Mile Island did. She requested this Ideas documentary from Winnipeg. It originally aired on October 13th, 1986.

Transcript Summary

  • Reports we are getting say infant mortality rates doubled
  • More important is the enormous increase in cancer deaths in children in the four counties surrounding TMI compared to the numbers previous to the accident that the health department listed even on say leukemia
  • Animals and plants damaged substantially
  • We have done an in-depth report on plant life
  • We are seeing many mutations
  • We saw the leaves the first year
  • All the birds on the farm disappeared
  • The trees, it looked like winter
  • Not only did we see complete defoliation, we saw trees defoliated at different levels

Full 4-hour broadcast here:

Download the full broadcast here:

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27 comments to CBC on TMI: Reports of enormous increase in cancer deaths — Infant mortality rates doubled — Birds disappeared — Many mutations observed (VIDEO)

  • TheWorldIsBlind

    reactor 4 spent fuel pool on fire at fuku?? lights out??

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  • alexa

    I am already seeing a lot of plants defects and sickness in Toronto. It is just a mater of applying the Cernobyl and TMI knowledge to Fukushima radiation effects (this type of damage in plants lead to same level of damage in people). Same causes (radiation) lead to similar effects.We do not have to get accurate numbers, just an understanding of the magnitude of damage caused by Fukushima. Maybe the Japaneese have lost the ability to logically analyze data, however the rest of the world is still able to do this.

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    • Anthony

      The tree bark and bushes have all turned and remain * silvery* since 311. I think it is caused perhaps by being burnt somehow by the higher iodine concentrations. To me most of the vegetation looks like its been doused by miracle grow but at the same time the silver tones to everything looks different to me than the normal brown we see on tree trunks.

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  • Bones Bones

    Being right in that area my whole life, I can tell you this is absolutely true. Cancer rates are extremely high here. Everyone here has at least one family member who died of cancer or even just heart problems. It is rare to find someone die of natural causes anymore. It was a complete cover up and whitewash of TMI although some local newspapers did report some truth to the danger. Don’t forget that coal mining and fracking have contaminated the land with cancer causing toxins as well here. Isn’t it wonderful? TMI was a complete cover-up of the truth and the cancers and deaths of TMI are just a fraction of what Japan’s will be. Trully sad and sickening at the same time.

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    • Bones Bones

      To the point about the birds: I remember when I was a kid I would here tons of birds early in the morning to wake me up. At night, there would be so many insects out some nights you couldn’t sleep it was so loud. Butterflies and bees everywhere flying around and squirrels jumping from tree to tree. Now, there isn’t even half the amount of living creatures from just 10 years time. The last 5 years have seen a huge drop off in certain animal populations and certain insects. At least anecdotally, I have to say though. It definitely seems like there are way less.

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    • Bones, cancer rates are extremely high everywhere these days. Toxins and carcinogens in our food and water supplies, pollution in the air and in the ground, bad consumption habits and ubiquitous radiation exposures. The lifetime rates for cancer here in the U.S. are 1 in 2 for men, 1 in 3 for women. That means fully one-third to one-half of everyone alive right now will get cancer in their lifetime.

      Don’t be fooled when some apologist or other cites a “3 in 100,000″ statistic (for example) on increased cancer for a given cause, because ALL such statistics are carefully constrained to a single year period. If half of everybody’s going to get cancer at some point, another cause to add to humanity’s suicidal brew just increases the odds.

      At these sort of rates it’s almost tempting to simply say it another way – If you live long enough in the modern world, you will get cancer. The fact that ~50% of humans don’t live that long explains why the cancer rate isn’t 100%. People still die of car wrecks and other accidents, other diseases, wars and starvation, natural disasters, etc., etc., etc. But if you make it through all that, your odds of cancer approach 100%.

      IOW, reality is that we can already be assured we will get cancer at some point if we live long enough. All of us, even if in the end our official ’cause of death’ on the paperwork is something else. Fukushima is just ensuring that the “long enough” factor in that equation is now younger than it was before Fukushima.

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Radiation study of wildlife planned in #Fukushima #Japan
    6 minutes ago
    We’ll save them the trouble. Just look at 3 Mile Island and surrounding area then TIMES IT BY 100.

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  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Paul Langley:
    “As many have said, “cold shut down” and “crisis over” are terms which are totally inappropriate in the ongoing emissions scandal at TEPCOs reactors.

    There can no longer be any doubt that fission and fuel hot particles being disgorged from Fukushima are not just affecting Japan, but the rest of the hemisphere, including continental North America.

    The shut down of the US radnet monitoring netweek is a scandal and one wonders who the reactor manufacturers slept with to achieve this.

    It is little wonder there was a riot in NRC. The truth of the matter regarding health effects in Japan and the rest of the hemisphere will take 30 years to surface no doubt.
    There in Black and White. 30 years and many will have died by then. :(

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    The Carrington effect (solar storm) could cause a large area power loss that may take years to restore.

    And you know what happens to nuke plants when you take their power away.

    After a massive solar minimum, not seen in centuries, we are springing back with a solar maximum that is going to be a doozy. Even Sunday, another massive Coronal Mass Ejection threatens earth and we may get more than just a light show.

    And check out the other resources on the “Nukepimp” blog which is a stop the nukes site. Drop a comment.

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  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Wow, a trip down memory lane TMI. I was 21 and now 30 years later I’m hearing the details. I can not believe it we were really, truly lied too. Ouch, this explains a lot about family illnesses. I need to digest this.

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  • Mack

    “Belatedly, information about Three Mile Island’s 1979 partial meltdown emerged when Dr. Steven Wing of UNC-Chapel Hill found a 400 percent increase in cancers among those exposed.”

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  • patman

    Only one party is addressing a real live human rights violation in our time. That would be Green Party and Leader Elizabeth May.

    Elizabeth is a brave politician, accepting being chided off Parliament Hill for mentioning contamination data from spring 2011, when Canada was exposed to rain out contamination rates exceeding Canadian regulations.

    One believes that chronic human exposure is a hazard But seed exposure is an immediate and acute contamination hazard. Billions of tender plump Canadian seeds will soon to be in North American crop lands.

    One believes that widespread crop failures are a distinct possibility for our 2012 grain harvest. Human cancer is from contamination exposure; ‘rain out’ and ‘snow out’ have damage seedlings right at germination and a large proportion of embryonic plants will become non-viable.

    Crop land potential problems originate in North American snow pack melt contaminated with Fk-1 emissions. Crystalline snow flakes, compared to spherical rain drops, have a larger surface area; many more sites for contamination particles to adhere on snowflakes.

    Therefore a lot more potential air scrubbing going on over North American winter seasons; with a larger inventory of contaminating radioisotopes available adjacent to sprouting grain seed this coming spring.

    Trouble with 2012 crop may begin at germination and becomes progressively more nasty.

    We won’t have to wait much longer to see if there actually is a problem. If one wants to earn a million dollars, ‘go long’ on 2012 crop futures, and the hunger to follow.

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  • pacific

    Great find, looking forward to listening.

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  • patman, if seed stock has been irradiated what will be seen are mutant plants, some small percentage of them. Irradiation of seed has been used for many years as a method of developing desirable plant cultivars. They’re just mutants. They are not a source of contamination like food crops grown in contaminated soil are.

    Which is not to say that all mutant plants are desirable, as some of them are just way darned weird and entirely unsuitable for nourishment. Happens a lot with genetic tinkering for GMOs too, but those cultivars can be positively dangerous even if they look identical to ‘normally’ bred cultivars and/or hybrids. But for reasons other than just being mutants. GMOs are a serious danger to the world’s food supply. Irradiated seeds not so much.

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