Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2, Vol. 31

Of Mushrooms And Boys

Ah, to be little boys again! Ryoga and Ranma will stay forever young unless they eat a special mushroom at the perfect time. Eat the right mushroom size, and your age adds up accordingly! Five centimeters? You're five years old! Ten centimeters? Ten years old! Can the two "boys" survive their squabbling over not wanting to share, being naughty, getting spanked by Akane, and the terror that is "Uncle" Soun's whiskers until the mushrooms are 16 centimeters tall? Grow, mushrooms, grow! Grow before everyone's childhood memories turn into rancid shiitakes!
ISBN: 1-59116-860-0
In Stores: Aug. 16, 2005