Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2, Vol. 32

Battle Of The...Boobies?!

Akane's got a secret--a brand-new bra, waiting to be tried on. But Happosai's gotten to it first, and has already tried to squeeze Ranma into it. When a well-meaning (yet eternally clueless) Ranma suggests that Akane's chest size may in fact be shrinking, a disappointed Akane turns into an enraged Akane, and is hard-pressed to decide how best to use barbells: to pump up her chest, or bust up Ranma's face! The arrival on the scene of Ranma's mother Nodoka only adds fuel to the developing battle of the busts. Compared to having a cross-dresser for a son, is having "only" a Peeping Tom really that much better...?!
ISBN: 1-4215-0072-8
In Stores: Nov. 8, 2005