BJU Names New Dean of Distance Learning

Bob Jones University announced today the appointment of Dr. Joseph Bartosch as Dean of Distance Learning. Reporting to Dr. David Fisher, Provost, Dr. Bartosch is responsible for the further development of BJU’s online education program.

Joseph Bartosch

Dr. Bartosch graduated from BJU in 1982 with a Bachelor of Education degree. He continued his education at BJU and received a Master of Counseling degree in 2006 and an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction in 2007. His service at BJU began in 2001 as a graduate assistant in the School of Fine Arts while on sabbatical from his position as Head Master at the Sacramento Preparatory Academy to earn his master’s degree. He returned to BJU in 2007 as the Manager of IT Administration.

“We are excited about this new position,” says Dr. Gary Weier, BJU’s vice president for administration, “as it is a major step in expanding our distance learning opportunities in ways compatible with our mission.”

As the dean of distance learning, Dr. Bartosch will provide oversight of the distance learning program in the areas of business and financial planning and curriculum and course content development. He also will serve with the other academic deans on BJU’s academic leadership committee and will assist the director of enrollment planning in establishing recruiting strategies and enrollment targets for the distance learning program.

Dr. Bartosch stated, “BJU’s distance learning program will grow dramatically. Our biggest, strategic challenge then is to meet distance learning students where they are with the finest Christian distance learning options available while instilling in them the core competency of Christlike character.”

BJU’s distance learning program targets high schoolers who are eligible to take college courses prior to college enrollment and students who want to take some of their college courses during the summer. The online courses also are ideal for adults who wish to further their college education and work toward an undergraduate or master’s degree.

BJUOnline offers undergraduate classes in accounting, art, Bible, English, history, mathematics and psychology. Graduate level classes are offered in the subjects of Bible, business administration, education and philosophy. BJU also offers 3 online graduate degrees: Master of Business Administration, Master of Education and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

“I am thrilled about helping BJU extend its course offerings beyond Greenville. It’s time to assess the market needs, write the business plan, and implement the next generation of distance learning at BJU,” Dr. Bartosch said.

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