Where Did All Those Chromebooks Go To?

Kurt Bakke in Products on December 29

Rumor has it that Google has ordered somewhere around 65,000 Cr-48 Chromebooks, but it is unclear how many were actually shipped to people who applied for a notebook. A.Gamer created a shipment tracker for the Chromebook and Jesse Belcher has added Google Earth visualization for the tracker showing the distribution of the device.

Google Cr-48 Notebook

Google Cr-48 Notebook

The Google Earth KMZ file is broken down into more than 40,000 zip codes and reveals that there is are very few zip codes with more than 10 shipped units to one individual zip code (the San Jose area has the highest concentration of Cr-48 shipments.) More than 6000 zip codes and about 4000 cities received Chromebooks.

According to the tracker, 15,024 Chromebooks have been shipped to people in the U.S., while A. Gamer said that it is increasingly difficult to actually catch all shipments. There are currently 59 packages in transit at the time of this writing. If the tracker is right, than it is clear that the majority of devices may still be given away and many will actually go into corporate hands such as American Airlines and the Hilton hotel group. Of

There is no information how many people are actually using the Chromebook and are actually sending in user reports. Quentin Hardy from Forbes already stopped using the device due to its limited features. However, in my household the Chromebook has turned into a family appliance and the most frequented computer in our household. Its 15 second startup time and dedicated Google user accounts made it the go-to device for quick searches, email as well as YouTube and Facebook activities.

It has not turned into a device that can rival the appeal of any of our other notebooks – we have one gaming laptop, two mainstream notebooks and two netbooks in our household with five kids. the biggest complaint I heard was its lack of performance in Flash applications.

Source: Google Earth Blog

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