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Reaching Through the Mist - in Explore, Front Page by SunnyDazzled


A few of our favorite sets. Stories are told, themes are developed, junk is collected...

Teddy Salad loves you. by diastema T.S.

16 photos | From diastema

Sunshine by m.a.x Inspiration Where You Find It

74 photos | From m.a.x

Inspiration Where You Find It, m.a.x

abandoned house.. by arny johanns saw this on my way...

12 photos | From arny johanns

Around the neighborhood.


There are loads of groups on Flickr, full to the brim with wonderful things...

Graphic Designers Moonlighting as Photographers Graphic Designers Moonlighting as Photographers

11,574 members | 166,445 items

This is for all those graphic designers who feel as comfortable with a camera as you do in Quark or Indesign.

Movement & Motion Movement & Motion

22,786 members | 238,897 items

Anything that shows movement, motion, speed. There are no limits in here!

I Crush Your Head I Crush Your Head

4,006 members | 1,818 items

"Inspired by Kids in the Hall, these will be pix where you take your fingers and squish the head of someone else."

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