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About the Dean
Dr. Thomas A. Gionis serves as President of Aristotle University, Dean and Professor of Public Health, Aristotle University School of Public Health, and Dean and Professor of Law of both the Aristotle University College of Law and the Aristotle University Institute of Law and Jurisprudence. In addition to serving as a current United States Fulbright Scholar in Law (Czech Republic, 2003), Dr. Gionis serves as a University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Visiting Scholar in Public Health, UCLA School of Public Health, Department of Health Services, Division of Healthcare Management and Policy. He also serves as a United States Fulbright PEER Review Committee Member / Global-Public Health.

Dr. Gionis is recognized as the youngest person in the United States to have obtained an MD degree after starting medical school at 17 years of age. He holds the following degrees: MD, Medical University of South Carolina; JD (Cum Laude), John Marshall Law School (Chicago); MPH, UCLA School of Public Health; MBA, Pepperdine University Graduate School of Business; and MHA, Seton Hall University, Center for Public Service.

In addition to serving as both a Board Examiner and Board Member for the American Board of Disaster Medicine, Dr. Gionis also serves as Adjunct Professor in Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Walter H. & Dorothy B. Diamond International Tax Program; Chairman, American Board of Healthcare Law and Medicine; and is a Fellow of the International College of Surgeons; American College of Forensic Examiners; American College of Legal Medicine; and a Distinguished Fellow, Royal Society of Fellows. He is a former Research Fellow, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard University.

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