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Board of Advisors

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Board of Directors

Carl N. Hodges

Founder and Chairman is an internationally known scientist and generator of new ideas.  An atmospheric physicist and mathematician, the proof of his work was seen in Seawater Farms Eritrea, an integrated agricultural and aquacultural farm in Africa.  Leading to this achievement, has been a history of controlled environmental agriculture in the Middle East and the Americas, the Land Pavilion at EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World in Florida, scientific consultant on Biosphere 2 and many associations with corporations such as Coca Cola, Disney, Kraft Foods, W.R. Grace, Lufthansa, and Resorts International.  The replication of SFE and further advancement of the integrated seawater farm systems now being built in Sonora will provide the planet with the first new agriculture in 10,000 years.



Juan Ignacio Bremer

Began working at age 19 as a chemical analyst for ASARCO to finance his studies for a degree from University of Texas at El Paso in Geology.  Joining Exportadora de Sal (ESSA) in 1962, he held many positions over the years.  In 1980 he was appointed Director General, a position he held until retiring earlier this year.
During his 40 year tenure at ESSA, he collaborated with Japanese, Mexican and American owners and with eight different Presidents of Mexico.  From 1998-2001, under his leadership, ESSA achieved an annual sales growth of 2.5%; its international market share grew from 27% to 30%; and its production increased from 5.5 to 7.5 million tons.  He serves as adviser and member of many committees and professional organizations in Mexico.  A native of San Luis Potosi, Mexico Juan is married to Elsa Hernandez and has six children. 



José Santos Gutiérrez

Is a native of Hermosillo, Mexico.  Jose Santos is married to Cristina Mazon de Gutierrez, and has two sons and two daughters.  He holds an undergraduate degree as an engineer in Zoological Agronomy and a graduate degree in Agricultural Economy, both from the University of California at Davis. He is President and Director General of Grupo Mezoro, a consortium of companies dedicated to the agriculture and construction industries in Sonora, Mexico.  He serves on several professional Boards and Advisory Boards in the Poultry Breeders industry.  He is currently the head of the Sonora Arizona Commission appointed by Governor Eduardo Bours, and is involved in many business and civic associations in both Mexico and Arizona.  Jose Santos Gutierrez is on the Board of Directors of Seaphire International, the for-profit company that specializes in seawater technologies.



Elizabeth Swilling Hodges

Has worked in market analysis, marketing and positioning of aquaculture products for over 20 years.  She was a writer in Saigon, South Vietnam in 1967 and continued in documentary production into the late 70’s.  She has been involved in many aspects of seawater technologies and the resulting products, and in bringing that information to the media and the public. 

Beth is President of the Seawater Foundation and has been involved with it for over twenty years; in that time she has worked in desert seacoasts worldwide.  Working first with the Environmental Research Lab and then as an officer of the Planetary Design Corporation, she interfaced with projects and the investors and Directors from Japan, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Great Britain, the UAE and the United States.  Beth is married to Carl Hodges and together they have four children.



Elmar Timpe

Became a supporter of the Seawater Foundation when he was the German Ambassador to Eritrea in 2000.  He displayed sensitivity and understanding of what the seawater technologies could represent for Africa and he worked to position them for the good of the people of Eritrea. 

Ambassador Timpe studied Law and Economics in Bochum and Gottingen, and then the Diplomatic School of the German Foreign Ministry in Bonn.  He has served his government in several appointments in Africa and in Europe.  He has been Economic Officer, Political Counselor, and Representative to the European Union. Elmar is currently appointed Deputy Head of Mission in Sofia, Bulgaria to help prepare the country as they enter the EU.  The Ambassador, born in Hildesheim Germany is married and has two sons.




Board of Advisors

The Seawater Foundation has a distinguished international group that advises it on scientific, political, and commercial matters, to assure the rapid dissemination of our scientific work and maximize the value of the Foundation’s efforts.

Chairman Dino DeConcini

Dino DeConcini was born in Tucson Arizona. After graduating from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and the University of Arizona Law School he served in the US Army Judge Advocate General Corps. Dino practiced law in Tucson and was a Tucson City Attorney. For ten years he was partner and vice president of an international business development firm; after which he became Director of International Research Cooperation for the US Department of Transportation.

In 1972 Dino became Chief of Staff to Governor of Arizona and later a shareholder/partner in DeConcini, McDonald, Brammer, Yetwin and Lacy until 1994. Appointed by the Clinton White House as Executive Director of the US Savings Bonds Program, he later joined the Consumer Federation of America working in financial education until his retirement in 2002. His retirement is our gain because he works harder than ever for the Seawater group and other worthwhile efforts. Before “retirement” Dino, who speaks fluent Spanish, took time to study French, Chinese and his family language, Italian. He has served on the boards of the Apollo Group, Arizona Public Service Co. and Cochise Airlines, and was Chairman of the Arizona Commission on the Arts. 



Christer Salen

A principal of the Salen Foundation in Sweden, Christer has supported research work at the University of Arizona for 20 years.  He established the Seawater Forests Initiative-Netherlands Ltd.  The Netherlands entity will be utilized in Europe for the development of seawater forests in developing regions of the world with financial and logistical support provided by interested European governments, industry and individuals.

Anthony Simon

Anthony Simon was recently retired from Unilever Bestfoods where his last position was President Marketing Unilever Bestfoods and a member of the Unilever Bestfoods Board, the third largest food company in the world.  He is an informal advisor to the President of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and deeply involved in the ecological and economic balances that the planet needs.



Kokichi Asayama

Editorial Director of Tokyo Gas & Electric’s renowned intellectual and environmental journal ILLUME, read by the top 5000 executives in Japan.



Dr. M.S. Swaminathan   

Dr. Swaminathan's early work in India, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, was a major part of what is known as the Green Revolution and bought the world 30 years of time to avoid economic collapse due to inadequate food production the final third of the last century. His M.S. Swaminathan Foundation in Chennai, India, addresses today’s environmental and food challenges in India and throughout the world.



Dr. Abraham Medhane

Dr. Abraham Medhane is one of Eritrea’s leading businessmen.  He has been supportive of the Foundation’s efforts since DDF began its assistance to Eritrea the fall of 1998.



Dr. Mohammad Alshaikh

Former Minister of State of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad has been designated by the University of California at Berkley as its most distinguished international alumni.  He originated Project Green, of an environmental project for the country of Saudi Arabia during his tenure as Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs.  He continues to work on environmental issues in the Kingdom and is also developing plan for an initiative to counter international terrorism.


United States

J. Blanton Belk

Mr. Belk is the Founder and Former Chairman of the Board of Up With People.  This well-known institution has contributed substantially to international understanding.  Blanton is currently working on an expansion of those ideas in cooperation with the University of Arizona and international institutions.

Dr. A. Richard Kassander

Dr. Kassander is past Vice President for Research of the University of Arizona, was one of the principal persons responsible for the movement of the University of Arizona from a little-recognized research institution to today one of the leading publicly-owned research institutions in America.  He was a consultant to the National Science Foundation, the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress, and many other such institutions.

Ruth McCormick Tankersley

Ms. Tankersley serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  Bazy has founded educational institutions in the United States from primary grades through high school, is active in supporting university programs, and is the founder of the Strawbale Forum, an annual intellectual retreat held in Northern Arizona at a conference center she built on her ranch in northern Arizona.

Dr. Richard Farson

Dr. Farson, psychologist, author and educator, has led a number of organizations noted for innovative programs in human affairs.  He is the founder of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute in La Jolla, California, which currently operates one of the world’s leading Internet intellectual exchanges, International Leadership Forum.

Robert L. Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz founded the Tarrytown Conference Center and the Tarrytown One Hundred.  He currently writes on a number of social and environmental issues.