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Normal Anatomy

Gastroduodenal artery

most commonly arises from the common hepatic artery (75%) almost always before the division of the artery into right and left branches. Other sites of origin include the left hepatic artery (4-11%), right hepatic artery (7%) or superior mesenteric artery via a replaced hepatic trunk (4-11%). Descends behind the first portion of the duodenum, anterior to the pancreas (II) and to the left of the common bile duct. It then courses to the left, and at the lower border of the pancreas divides into its terminal branches, the right gastroepiploic artery and anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal artery. Usually gives origin to the retroduodenal artery and to small pyloric branches. See blood vessels, pancreas (II), Fig. 1, blood vessels, pancreas (II), Fig. 2, blood vessels, pancreas (II), Fig. 3, blood vessels, small intestine (II), Fig. 1, blood vessels, small intestine (II), Fig. 3