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"Jim Click Donates Hybrid Ford Escape"

Jim Click, Tucson businessman and community supporter donated a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid for the Seawater Foundation!
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"Seawater Farms Bahia Kino"

Seawater Farms Bahia Kino was filed and registered with the State Government of Sonora in Hermosillo with the signing of the documents on 11 October 2005.
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"Green Cars Come in All Colors"

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, Sonora Governor Eduardo Bours, and Seawater Foundation founder Carl Hodges, took a short test drive at the Arizona Mexico Commission meeting held in Tucson in June 2005.
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"President Fox Meeting"

Since March of this year members of the Seawater Foundation have met with President Vicente Fox in Los Pinos (Mexico’s Presidential Residence) four times.  The latest reunion was held on November 29, when he and top cabinet members involved in the Presidential Project Seawater Farms Bahia Kino gathered again at Los Pinos with executives and Directors of The Seawater Foundation for an update on the project.

"From the Founder"

Personal thoughts from Carl Hodges
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"Speaking of the Founder"

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