Monday 06 February 2012

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Use Avios to book your dream holiday

Savvy shopper, Bianca Tait, uses her Lloyds TSB Duo Avios Credit Cards as a means of furthering her travel options.

Bianca Tait - Avios
Bianca Tait books her flights through Avios 

Bianca Tait likes to travel independently. Using Avios Travel Rewards can work well as you can book flights and hotels separately, mixing and matching your choices.

“That’s a tricky question,” says Bianca when asked what her dream destination would be.

“I’m not sure I could name one place… I’d love to explore South Asia, particularly Bhutan. It has subtropical plains and Himalayan heights,” she enthuses. “Tibet and India – would be must-visits, too.”

“I like to explore new places on holiday which aren’t too busy – a contrast from my city life.”

Based in London, Bianca runs her own company helping people with creative projects move toward their goals.

“I collect Avios with my Lloyds TSB Duo Avios Credit Cards,”says Bianca.

“It takes no effort as I simply buy everything on my card and pay it off at the end of the month.”

Using the card, Bianca collects up to one Avios for almost every pound she spends — which really adds up over the month.

“I was surprised when I logged onto the Avios website recently and discovered I had collected more Avios than I thought,” says Bianca.

“This inspired me to book a break for my friend Joanna and I to go to Istanbul in Turkey for Christmas, to get away from it all. I managed to get the flights and our accommodation with Avios."

“It was one of the best holidays I’ve had. There were no delays at the airport, the cabin staff were so friendly – it made the flight, which was 20,000 Avios and the Reward Flight Saver of £27*."

"We stayed at the four-star Sultanhan Hotel in the heart of Istanbul. It was close to everything we wanted to see – Blue Mosque, Topkapi, Grand Bazaar."

“The icing on the cake was when we visited a traditional Turkish bath and we had the full scrub and steam experience. I slept so well that night!"

“This was a lovely treat as I usually use my Avios to visit my mother who lives in Spain,” explains Bianca.

“I’ve just found out about the Reward Flight Saver which means I pay a flat fee of £27 and Avios pays the taxes, fees and charges – which is a great help."

“Also, knowing I don’t have to have collected the full amount of Avios but I can go for an Avios & Money option helps.”

“Perhaps,” says Bianca, “I’ll be able to travel to India and South Asia sooner than I thought.”

For information on Bianca’s company, Creative Circles, visit

*Reward Flight Saver includes airline taxes, fees and surcharges and is for regular collectors — that’s members who have collected at least one Avios in the preceding 12 months. For members not eligible for Reward Flight Saver, airline taxes, fees and charges apply. Example based on a British Airways economy return flight from the UK.

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