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Sarnoff Corporation, an SRI International subsidiary for more than 20 years, has been fully integrated into SRI, a world-leading research and development organization. Combined, we are positioned to deliver even more comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges of our government and commercial clients around the globe.

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CEO Curt Carlson describes how the integration of Sarnoff into SRI provides more comprehensive capabilities and high-value solutions to clients and partners.

For 65 years, SRI has been a trusted resource for sponsored R&D, technology licensing, and spin-off ventures. Sarnoff, founded in 1942 as RCA Laboratories, also has a distinguished history of R&D and innovation. Our combined legacies include contributions that have changed the world, from the first computer mouse and high-definition TV to robotics, speech recognition, cyber security, and more.

Now, fully integrated, we will further leverage our interdisciplinary capabilities to meet the needs of our clients and partners in the areas of computing, health and pharmaceuticals, chemistry and materials, energy, education, economic development, national defense, earth and space, sensing, vision, video, and semiconductor technologies. From basic research through development, deployment, and product delivery, SRI's disciplined approach to innovation ensures high-value results.

Please read the news release and explore our websites ( and to learn more.



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